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Commitment to Continuous Learning

04 January 2024

UC Business School MBA alumni can enrol in one free course a year. This offer is a first for any New Zealand MBA. It provides an opportunity to upskill the knowledge and expertise you developed through your MBA study and to stay up to date with the latest emerging trends and growth areas. Learn more about our commitment to continuous Learning.

We’re investing in your lifelong learning journey. 

Starting in 2023, UC Business School MBA alumni can enrol into one free course per year.*  

This offer is a first for any New Zealand MBA, giving you an opportunity to upskill the knowledge and expertise that you developed through your MBA study and to stay up-to-date on the latest emerging trends and growth areas. 

If you'd like to sign up, fill in our application form. Spaces are limited, so get in early!

We have an exciting (and continuously evolving) line-up of courses this year. 

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All courses on offer in 2024:

Term 2

MBAM628 Business Decisions using Simulations - Term Two (10 points)
This course introduces business decision-making frameworks through the use of simulations. A computer-simulated game is used to immerse students in real-world scenarios. This dynamic learning environment enables students to practice making well-informed decisions across various business levels, aligning with both the company's overarching objectives and its sustainability commitments. Covering a broad spectrum of critical business decisions, such as market selection and product innovation to optimizing production, procurement, and distribution strategies, a distinctive feature of this course is the continuous feedback loop; students receive regular updates on the repercussions of their decisions, fostering an environment of iterative learning.

Term 3

MBAM624 Global Business: Advocacy, Influencing and Negotiation (10 points)
This course explores the framework for influencing and negotiation in international business and organisational development. The content incorporates business strategy, management psychology, legal, intellectual property, marketing, and supply chain perspectives. The course activities include seminars and discussions, accompanied by practical experience in preparing for, and participating in a range of face-to-face negotiations.

MBAM626 International Study Tour (10 points)
This study-tour course focuses on business and strategy in an international context. The study tour incorporates industry visits and cultural experiences that assist in building awareness of the unique environment of international business. Drawing upon international best practice and established international business frameworks, students will deliver a report addressing an international business client’s need.



* Commitment to Continuous Learning – Terms and Conditions

Offer applies to specified UC MBA courses only. Limited capacity available per course. Offer available to UC MBA Graduates only. Alumni will be accepted on a first come first served basis. Enrolment is subject to course requirements and final approval by the MBA Director. Enrolment is subject to the UC Student Agreement (available at and the statutes, regulations, rules and policies of UC. No refunds, postponements, transfers, exchanges or credits are available. UC reserves the right to change or cease this Commitment to Continuous Learning offer at any time without notice.


See the CCL Regulations.

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