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Clubs and societies for business students

29 January 2024

Our student clubs and societies hold events and activities throughout the year. These involve Te Kura Umanga | UC Business School and other partners. Some of our clubs and societies are just for business and economics students. Join clubs or societies for business students and make the most of your time at UC.


Make the most of your time at university and join a student club or society. Events and activities are held throughout the year, involving Te Kura Umanga | UC Business School and other partners.

There are some clubs and societies that are just for business and economics students. Others like Entré and Global China Connection (GCC) have members from across the University, so you'll get to meet a wide range of people. So if you're new to UC or returning, pop in to see the club executives or email them, sign up and get involved in some of the many academic and social activities on offer this year.

For more information about clubs at the University of Canterbury, visit the UCSA website.


Clubs aimed at Business students

180 Degrees Consulting

180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest student-driven consultancy, with operations in over 150 universities, spread over 35 countries. Each year the Canterbury branch trains and supports small teams of students as they carry out projects to help charities and not-for-profit organisations achieve a greater social impact.

These projects can range from marketing plans to growth strategies, and students receive the guidance of industry mentors throughout. Organisations are assisted in the development of innovative, sustainable and practical solutions, while our students build their skill-sets and make meaningful contributions.


Accounting Society

The UC Accounting Society aims to enhance the student experience of all accounting students and others who are interested in accounting. AccSoc offers career development enhancement through a range of workshops and tutorials, combined with the opportunity to connect with others, build confidence and develop those all-important soft skills through a multitude of social events. Check them out on Facebook.


A not-for-profit UC company run by students, entré is for all tertiary students in the Canterbury region. It aims to foster an entrepreneurial spirit, to encourage innovation and creativity and to educate students in the basic elements of business development.

entré hosts competitions, workshops and networking events, including seminars designed to cover the basic knowledge essential to an entrepreneur. They are presented by industry experts. Each seminar provides relevant and practical knowledge for students hoping to enter the business world.

So, whether you are in Commerce, Engineering, Arts, Law, Science or Education – entré offers something for everyone.


Global China Connection

Global China Connection (GCC) Canterbury is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organisation for UC students of all nationalities looking to engage in China’s emergence as a global economic power.

GCC aims to inspire students to pursue professional and networking opportunities and to help them succeed in a world increasingly connected to China. GCC holds events and competitions that are engaging, relevant and fun for students, including the popular See Me Live Competition, the Internship Challenge, and the China Talk Series.

2021 will be a MASSIVE year for us - get in touch with us and see what we've got in store!

Check out the GCC website or follow them on Facebook.

Investment Society
Investment society Logo

The Investment Society was established in 2014 to promote financial literacy and careers in the financial industry for all University of Canterbury students. We offer a broad range of events including keynote seminars, career-based and networking events, competitions (online virtual trading & cases), academic tutorials and workshops. In 2019, we are also adding a social aspect to the club with the Beer, Wine and Spirits Stock Exchange.

In 2018, we started a new chapter of The Investment Society, Women in Finance, where we aim to connect women at UC with finance professionals, mentoring, and even offer some work placement opportunities at some of the leading organizations in the financial industry in New Zealand. Starting 2021 we are expanding the social aspect with a new event The Commerce Ball, where we are collaborating with other large commerce clubs. If you want to find out more about the club, check out our website, Facebook page or Linkedin!

UCOM image supplied by Holly 2019 President

UCom is one of the largest and most established clubs on campus with a strong focus on academic, industry and social areas. It’s for anyone who wants to work hard, play hard and develop their professional and entrepreneurial skills, whatever your year and degree!

UCom has academic support throughout the year as well as skills sessions and numerous opportunities to meet industry professionals. This comes alongside our fantastic social calendar. Membership provides you with tutorials for first and second-year commerce papers and gives access to unique industry and careers events to help you network for intern and graduate opportunities.

As well as discounted tickets to our social events. We would love for you to join the ride, for a bigger and better 2021!


Women in Business

UC Women in Business is all about “creating the movement”. The movement is not about the person who starts it, but the next person who joins in. We have the aim of removing internal and external barriers that women face in the workforce. Essentially, as a university and student-led organisation, we are intending to build the start of the pipeline, with the end of the pipeline resulting in high powered female leaders in senior roles. 

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