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FoundX Pledgers

08 September 2023

Over the years UC Alumni have created a range of exciting startups around the world. We're proud of the success of our alumni and we warmly invite you to join our UC FoundX Ecosystem. Meet the UC FoundX Pledgers.

Guy Horrocks

Guy Horrocks | LLB, BCom | Solve Co-Founder

Guy co-founded Solve, which helps companies upgrade and operationalise their internal data.

Horrocks’ first start up was a blood splatter analysis company, which used software to analyse crime scenes. He started the world’s first iPhone app company, Polar Bear Farm, and then moved to New York with his mobile agency Carnival Labs, which had a client list that included CNN and Dreamworks. He also co-founded a mobile marketing startup, Carnival Mobile, backed by Google which was acquired in 2016 by Sailthru.

Horrocks says the mentoring he received from former UC Vice-Chancellor Dr Rod Carr, after he won the 2006 Entré competition as a student in his early 20s, set him on a path for success. “He helped me a lot and now I’ve got the experience to give back to UC in a different way.”

James Powell

James Powell | BE Hons Mechanical Engineering | Dawn Aerospace Co-Founder

Dawn Aerospace is a New Zealand registered company, creating space transportation 1000x more scalable than traditional rockets.

James says “Dawn Aerospace has a completely different model and method for space flight. Rapid, agile steps mean quick progress. We already have hardware in space. A big vision ensures these steps will take our world toward something completely transformative. ”

James graduated from UC with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2008. He says he owes a lot to UC and is supportive of FoundX. “FoundX is great, it aggregates people and knowledge. Life is too short to learn everything and do it all yourself.”

James Robertson

James Robertson | BE Mechatronics| Invert Robotics Founder and Head of Product Development

Invert Robotics provides remote robotic inspection services with unprecedented levels of safety, accuracy and speed. Invert Robotics was a spin off from the UC Engineering School and developed the world’s first climbing robot capable of climbing on stainless steel.

Invert robotics’ mission is to keep people safe while eliminating risk. Their main focus is the Food Production, Chemicals, Aviation and Energy industries.

James studied Engineering at UC and says “UC graduates are excellent, they come up with cool stuff. FoundX is a pledge of support, it’s also a pledge to give time.”

Luke Campbell

Luke Campbell | BSc Physics, Economics | VXT Co Founder

Vxt builds software to help people manage phone calls & voicemail.
“Here in Christchurch we have all the things necessary to grow a diverse economy, and a population ready for extreme events.” “None of our successes would have been possible without UC Centre for Entrepreneurship. There’s no other university in New Zealand with a community like it.”

Mark Rocket

Mark Rocket | Christchurch entrepreneur, innovator and aerospace enthusiast | CEO Kea Aerospace

"When I sold my first successful business I made a significant contribution to a charity. It’s the ideal time to make a gift when you have the opportunity to give back and to make a real difference for a project that resonates with you."

Join UC FoundX

Over the years, UC Alumni have created a range of exciting startups around the world. We are proud of the success of our Alumni. We warmly invite you to join our UC FoundX Ecosystem. We hope you will become part of this network as a way to further support collaboration, innovation, and the sharing of pioneering ideas and resources within the University and out to the wider world. 

To find out or join UC FoundX get in touch with:

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