Consolidate your Japanese language skills

03 November 2023

Spending time in Japan is a great way to practice and perfect the language skills you acquire in Japanese at UC. We have several options for students seeking an opportunity to reinforce their studies by immersing themselves in Japanese language and culture. See how to consolidate your Japanese language skills.

MEXT (Monbukagasho) one-year Japanese Studies Scholarship


The Japanese government has announced details on the 2023 MEXT (Monbukagasho) one-year Japanese Studies Scholarship.

If you are in 2nd year or above you can apply, provided you are not graduating. Please note that the deadline for applications is 5 pm, Monday 20 February, the first day of the new academic year. An examination and interview will be held at the Consular Office of Japan the following week on Monday 27 February. The link for more information and application guidelines etc is:

More information is also available via Maureen Heffernan at the Consular Office of Japan.


Exchange programmes

Japanese enjoys several alliances with organisations in Japan:

  • An undergraduate exchange programme with Bunkyo University (established in 1997) and an exchange for academic staff and students with Waseda University (established in 2001).
  • The Kwansei Gakuin University Exchange. Kwansei Gakuin University has a exchange agreement with partner institutions overseas, including UC. Students may apply to participate in studies at Kwansei Gakuin University while they are enroled at UC.
  • The Akita Exchange. Akita International University (AIU) is a small international university that offers courses in Global Business, Global Studies, Basic Education (liberal arts), Japan Studies and Japanese Language. AIU offers: International education entirely in English; very small class sizes (and interactive classes); and a great opportunity to learn about Japanese culture, history, and politics. (Japanese students who are studying Economics frequently go on this exchange.)


UC Internship programme

The Faculty of Arts internship courses place students in a Japanese company, where they apply and extend their Japanese language skills and knowledge. Find out more.


Asia:NZ Internships

Japanese-speaking graduates with a bachelor’s degree or higher in Japanese language and engineering, management or tourism are eligible to apply for a funded internship with Kyushu Railway Company in Japan, for a period of six weeks. More information can be found on the Asia:NZ website.

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