Research Impact

Research Impact

For more than 150 years, UC academics have created widespread impact throughout society with ground-breaking research, local and global collaborations, and an extensive footprint from training the next generation. Through engagement with communities, government, and industry, academics ensure their research is translated, disseminated, and mobilised to create positive change in the world. 

Research impact refers to the positive changes to society resulting from research. This can include changes to:

  • Government policy and legislation
  • Policies and practices in industry and services
  • Development of new products and businesses
  • Social, cultural, environmental, and economic benefits to community

UC’s research impact is evidenced by its strong rankings, including its place in the top 80 universities globally on the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings for its work to address the Sustainable Development Goals. UC researchers readily provide evidence to inform policy debates and are widely cited in policy documents nationally and internationally. They consult with industry and communities to ensure evidence-based practices are available and guide community and practice development. They work to ensure that research is used and applied to improve the health, well-being and sustainability of Aotearoa’s people and environment. 

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