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Researcher Conversations

Ngā Kōrero Kairangahau

20 February 2024

Learn about UC academics talking about their research, their impact, and key topics of interest.

Episode 1: 

Professors Simon Kingham and Thomas Wilson, discussing their roles as Chief Science Advisors and how researchers can better connect with policymakers

“I do actually think we have a responsibility to talk to the media because certainly in my field there was so much misunderstanding and misinformation that actually we need to communicate what the science is telling us,” says Professor Simon Kingham.

Professor Tom Wilson offers the best advice he has been given during his research career which is “be kind… be useful and work out what your strengths are and know what your limitations are.”

Episode 2:

Professor Elizabeth Macpherson and Dr. John Reid, discussing Vision Mātauranga and how they consider and apply this in their research

The Ministry of Research, Science, and Technology created the Vision Mātauranga policy framework to harness the innovative potential of Māori people, expertise, and resources to help New Zealanders build a better future.  

“You're not only generating an academic impact, you're seeing your work flow into the world to change the world,” says Dr Reid.

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