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09 December 2023

UC's Wireless Research Centre (WRC) combines its talents with those of the Spatial Engineering Research Centre (SERC) to address technical and scientific challenges. We are technology and market aware and unique in New Zealand. Learn more about WRC.


The Wireless Research Centre is technology and market aware. It works around enduring anchor partners with strong co-dependence between research and industrial activity and amongst other things brings to the collaborators diverse and synergistic expertise. WRC is unique in New Zealand as it combines its talents with those of the Spatial Engineering Research Centre (SERC) in addressing technical and scientific challenges. 

  • With innovation in mind, WRC, SERC and affiliated academics are responsible for driving fundamental and applied research within the fields of wireless communication, related electronics, signal processing, image analysis and visualisation, and data sensing.
  • World class techniques are used to assist industry collaborators in introducing the new generation of their products, to penetrate into new markets, and to be internationally competitive. These projects also educate students that are much better trained for industry employment.
  • In this exciting scientific environment, industry trained researchers, young entrepreneurs, academics and students with interest in solving industrial problems, and business collaborators with technical issues relevant to our field utilize their collective knowledge towards economic development.
  • WRC conducts significant research in applying existing wireless technologies and protocols to industrial settings and in developing cutting-edge technology in collaboration with industry to benefit New Zealand.
  • The centre has extensive knowledge and experience working with emerging wireless standards, including the 3GPP/LTE cellular (cellphones) family of standards, local area and personal-area networks.  Specific technologies of expertise include multi-antenna systems (MIMO), error control coding, diversity systems, relaying, scheduling, and the application of combinations of wireless and geospatial technologies so prevalent in our lives today.

WRC research is breaking new grounds to cater for the fast-growing needs of the wireless industry. Some areas of interest for WRC are:

  • High data capacity wireless systems
  • Security in wireless systems
  • Power efficiency in wireless systems
  • Reliability of coverage and range of wireless systems
  • Data analytics
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Mission critical communications

To be a world-class centre of excellence in wireless communications that produces industry led research and high calibre scientists and engineers.   


To secure the continuing presence in New Zealand of a strong and successful industry knowledge base in wireless communications.

Goals of the WRC

Attract and retain world-class researchers, employees and students.

  1. To positively impact the economy and job growth by assisting its industry collaborators to differentiate themselves from the competition based on features and to enable them to penetrate into new markets.
  2. Develop a national, collaborative research group and accommodate the desires and aspirations of the collaborators.
  3. Develop international linkages and show them the benefits of starting research and engineering offices in New Zealand and in particular in Canterbury.
  4. Produce highly-skilled and industry-ready graduates.
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