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Rose Centre alumni

15 January 2024

Check out Rose Centre alumni from the last two decades and what they studied.


M. Dimov2001-2007Profiling of oro-pharyngeal dysphagia – Etiological correlates and associated outcomes (not completed)
B. Kelly2003-2006 The Role of the Cerebral Cortex in the Coordination of Respiration and Swallowing in Humans
L. Leow 2004-2008 Mechanisms of airway protection in Parkinson’s disease
S. Doeltgen2006-2008 The Effects of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation of the Submental Muscle Group on the Excitability of Corticobulbar Projections
P. Macrae2008-2012 Measurement of Biomechanical and Neurophysiological Change Associated with Swallowing Rehabilitation
N. Abdul-Wahab2007-2012Modulation of Swallowing Behaviour by Olfactory and Gustatory Stimulation
O. Sella2008-2012 Strength vs Skill training in dysphagia management
A. Al-Toubi2008-2013The role of the primary motor cortex (M1) in pharyngeal swallowing.
A. Miles2010-2013Identifying Aspiration and Reducing Pneumonia in Stroke Patients using Cough Reflex Testing
O.Apperley2012-2015Management of Xerostomia following radiotherapy: A clinical trial of a novel emulsion for potential use as a saliva substitute.
K. Lamvik2013-2016Modulation of spontaneous and volitional swallowing: Methodological and behavioural analyses
S. Davies2013-2016Predicting and preventing aspiration pneumonia in patients with acute stroke and dysphagia
M. Kallessen2013-2016Cough Reflex Following Orotracheal Intubation: Presence and recovery of the cough reflex after extubation and validity of Cough Reflex Testing
T. Coombes2000-2001Repeatability of the acoustic swallowing pattern in normal subjects
S. Fitzgerald2000-2002Perception of Muscle Strength With and Without Biofeedback During Swallowing and Fist Clenching Tasks In Patients With Dysphagia
R. Mustaffa-Kamal2002-2003Profiling of Dysphagia of Patients Admitted to a Stroke Ward: A Retrospective Study
B. Kelly2002-2003A methodological analysis of the dual task paradigm as a measure of cerebral dominance of swallowing
S Sharma2002-2003The Influence of Taste of Swallowing Apnoea
L. Ragg2003-2004The Role of the Cerebral Cortex in the Coordination of Respiration and Swallowing in Infants
S. Doeltgen2004-2005Evaluation of Pharyngeal Surface-EMG Measures During Swallowing Manoeuvres
U. Witte2004-2005Variability in pharyngeal Surface-EMG measures as a function of bolus
I. Low2004-2005A study of variability in clinical surface electromyography recording of submental muscles activity in healthy participants
P. Macrae2007-PhDInvestigating cortical contribution to motor planning of volitional and reflexive swallows using the Bereitschaftspotential
C. Erne2007-2008Monitoring natural progression of dysphagic symptoms in stroke
M. Monroe2008-2009Citric Acid Inhalation Cough Challenge: Establishing Normative Data
E. Necus2008-2010Semg Biofeedback As A Tool To Improve Oral Motor ControL And Functional Swallowing In School Age Children With Cerebral Palsy: a Case Series
C. Winkelman2009-2010Variability in Ultrasound Measurement of Hyoid Displacement and Submental Muscle Size Within and Across Sessions Using Two Methods of Data Acquisition in Healthy Participants
M. McFarlane2010-2012Changes in Laryngeal Cough Threshold Sensitivity and PAS (Penetration Aspiration Scale) Score Within the Acute Post-Stroke Stage
S. Moore2010-2012A correlational study of cough sensitivity to citric acid and radiographic features of airway compromise
R. Athukorala2011-2012Skill Training for Swallowing Rehabilitation in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease
S. Davies2011-2012The influence of a jaw opening exercise (JOE) on 2D submental muscle area and anterior hyoid excursion in healthy adults
H. How2011-2012The Influence of Different Modalities in the Interpretation of Cough Reflex
C. Chester2012-2014Electrical-Impedance Biofeedback Instrument for Swallowing Rehabilitation
H. Kelly2012-2014The Effect of Titrated Fentanyl on Cough Response in Healthy Participants
A. Lippitt2013-2015Development of Bioimpedance based Swallowing Biofeedback Device with Smart Device Integration
W. Cossou    2013-2015The Prevalence of Aspiration Pneumonia in Rest Home Residents
A. Emslie 2013-2015Validity of the Test of Mastication and Swallowing of  Solids in Parkinson’s Disease
C.Mills   2015-2016Measuring voluntary and reflexive cough strength in healthy individuals
W. Ng   2015-2016Validation of the Test of Masticating and Swallowing Solids (TOMASS)
Thesis only German exchange students

E. Schurrmann2007The influence of olfaction on swallowing-respiratory coordination and submental muscle contraction (Munich)
S. Bauer2009The effects of exercises on suprahyoid muscles and hyoid movement during swallowing in healthy individuals: investigation by ultrasound (Beilefeld)
F. Heck 2010Immediate and longer term effects of submental neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) on pharyngeal pressure generation in healthy adults. (Beilefeld)
BSLT Honours

F. Gumbley2004-2005Evaluation of Pharyngeal Surface-EMG Measures as a function of bolus size
A. Abu-Hijleh2008-2009The effects of swallowing on motor evoked potentials at the submental muscle group.
A. Al-Toubi 2008-2009Intrasubject reproducibility of the Bereitschaftspotential associated with volitional swallowing
E. Nijhof 2008-2009The influence of olfaction and gustation of surface EMG of the submental muscles during swallowing.
B. Han2009-2010An electrical-impedance biofeedback instrument for swallowing rehabilitation
A. Collings 2009-2010Normative Data for Temporal Measures  of Pharyngeal Pressure Using Manometry
B. Hagar2009-2010Measurement of Pharyngeal Manometric Data: a Methods Study
R. Roetts2009-2010 Clinical measurement of a Four Channel Pharyngeal Surface - EMG catheter under two swallowing conditions: Non-effortful and Effortful Swallowing
R. Bennett 2011-2012Citric acid inhalation cough challenge: Normative data for under 60 population
K. Manco2011-2012Citric Inhalation Cough Reflex Testing:  Normative Data for over 60 population
A. Nicholas2011-2012Development of a pharyngeal impedance biofeedback device for swallowing rehabilitation (ENG)
T. McIntosh2012-2013Validating the Test of Masticating and Swallowing Solids TOMASS
C. Kengmana2012-2013Pharyngeal Stimulation paired with Behavioural Rehabilitation of pharyngeal mis-sequencing: A Pilot Study
W. Fletcher2012-2013Pharyngeal Stimulation paired with Behavioural Rehabilitation of pharyngeal mis-sequencing: A Pilot Study
A. Eastwood2013-2014Ethnicity in swallowing pathophysiology
R. Tinney2013-2014Coordination of cough and respiration: differential identification of reflexive vs volitional cough
D. Waterhouse2013-2014 Effect of cough reflex testing in nurse dysphagia screening
C. Sampson2013-2014Validation of cough reflex testing to VFSS
K. Ombler 2013-2014Bacterial development in nebulization for cough reflex testing
L.Fuller2013-2014Objective Measurement of Oral Preparation of Solid Foods: Normative Data for the Test of Masticating and Swallowing Solids
Research Supervision as secondary supervisor

J. Marchant 2005Treatment of articulatory impairment in a child with spastic dysarthria associated with cerebral palsy (MSc)
R Kaipa2009-2012Effect of principles of motor learning on speech and nonspeech motor learning (PhD)
Visiting Clinical Research fellows

I. Battel2012 Italy
F. Schradt 2011 Germany
S. Wild 2009 Germany
J. Wilmskoetter2008 Germany
A. Hofmayer 2003 Germany
K. Erfmann  2013 Germany
S. Kaulmann-Sauer2013Germany
R. Woolgar 2013England
K. Hetzler 2014Germany
M. Weiland2015Germany
M. Enste2015Germany
V. Closs2015Germany
F. Moser2016Germany
P. Hjertstrand2016Sweden
A. Romeo2016Spain
S. Eberg2016Germany
J. Hirschwald2016Germany
J. vanderHyde2016Germany
M. Hawighorst2017Germany
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