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Call for papers

28 February 2024

Editors of the New Zealand Yearbook of International Law (Brill) periodically call for papers. Find out about submissions and contributions.


New Zealand Yearbook of International Law (Brill)


Call for Papers

The New Zealand Yearbook of International Law (Brill), launched in June 2004, is an annual, internationally refereed publication intended to stand as a reference point for legal materials and critical commentary on issues of public international law. The Yearbook serves as a valuable tool in the determination of trends, state practice and policies in the development of international law in New Zealand, the Pacific region, the Southern Ocean and Antarctica and to generate scholarship in those fields. In this regard the Yearbook contains an annual ‘Year in Review’ of developments in international law of particular interest to New Zealand as well as a dedicated section on the South Pacific.

The Editor of the Yearbook is currently Dr Roisin Burke (University of Canterbury, NZ) and the Associate Editor is Dr Christian Riffel (University of Canterbury, NZ). The Book Reviews Editor is Prof Annick Masselot. The Editorial Team is advised by members of the Advisory Board who are leading New Zealand-based and international academics and practitioners within the field of international law.

The Editors call for both short notes and commentaries and longer in-depth articles for publication in the 2017 edition of the Yearbook (volume 15). Notes and commentaries should be between 3,000–7,000 words (including footnotes). Articles may be from 8,000 to 15,000 words (including footnotes).

The Editors seek contributions on any issue of public international law and are particularly interested in receiving submissions that are relevant to New Zealand, Australasia, the Pacific, the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

The closing date for submissions is 21 July 2018 Submissions before that date are encouraged. 

Submissions should be provided in English, using MSWord-compatible word processing software, and delivered by email to the Editor at  

Contributions must be original unpublished works and submission of contributions will be held to imply this. We do not consider submission that are currently under review with another publisher. Manuscripts must be word-processed and in compliance with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (3rd edition).The Guide is available online at:


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