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14 June 2024

Learn about the impact of Hei Puāwaitanga: Sustainability, Citizenship and Civic Imagination Research Group in videos and outputs over the last few years.


Annual report

Videos and invited presentations


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    • Hayward, Bronwyn, and Sara Tolbert. "Conversations on citizenship, critical hope, and climate change: An interview with Bronwyn Hayward." In  Reimagining Science Education in the Anthropocene Editors Wallace M., Bazzul J, Higgins M and Tolbert S (2022)  Palgrave pp 349-363.
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      Journal papers

      • Prendergast K., Hayward B., Aoyagi M., Burningham K., Hasan MM., Jackson T., Jha V., Kuroki L., Loukianov A. and Mattar H. (2021) Youth Attitudes and Participation in Climate Protest: An International Cities Comparison Frontiers in Political Science Special Issue: Youth Activism in Environmental Politics. Frontiers in Political Science 3
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