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Learn about the power industry

25 March 2024

Learn more about the power industry with resources compiled by EPECentre for students.

Electricity Authority

Learn about Aotearoa’s electricity system and how power is transported from power stations through the national grid to your home. How Electricity Works (Electricity Authority website)


Balance App

Balance is a free puzzle game about electricity and power grids. Your goal is to make sure there are no blackouts, that the power grids are functional, and that you always produce the right amount of power. Balance is developed by Statnett, the system operator in the Norwegian energy system, and is based on real challenges they work with every day.

Available on Google Play or the Apple App Store



UC has a subscription to EnergyNews, New Zealand's online news and information service for the energy sector including a comprehensive industry participant and energy asset database. 

UC Staff and Students can access this for free while on the UC network.



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