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About EPECentre

13 December 2023

Te Hiranga Pūhanga Hiko | EPECentre is New Zealand’s pioneering research centre for electric power and clean energy applications. It's a joint initiative between UC and the electricity industry. It brings industry, researchers, academia, and students together to foster innovation. Learn more about EPECentre.


Te Hiranga Pūhanga Hiko | EPECentre, New Zealand’s pioneering research centre for electric power and clean energy applications, a joint initiative between the electricity industry and the University of Canterbury, was established in 2002 as an entrepreneurial endeavour.

It brings together industry, researchers, academia and students to foster innovation.


Defining the future of electricity and clean technologies through innovation and collaboration

Mission and Objective

The EPECentre provides expertise, innovation, concept leadership, and collaborative value to the electricity sector, the industry and society. Skilled at identifying critical challenges and gaps in the technology and/or knowledge, we are then able to resolve these ‘gaps’ through the delivery of quality research and development programmes. 

Our objective is to sustainably deliver research of national significance that is internationally recognized. Through our research programs, we provide a stream of high calibre postgraduates ready to deliver value to many sectors of industry and to society in general.

The EPECentre has two distinct areas of operation:


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