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13 December 2023

Pūhanga rauropi | Ecological Engineering solves problems for societies and the environment by designing solutions based on these reciprocities. Check out recent publications.


Recent Publications

  • O'Sullivan A., Cochrane T. and Charters F. (2018) A Device for Treating Roof Runoff.Patent No. 740976, New Zealand Patent Application 740976.
  • Gholami M., O'Sullivan A. and Mackey H. (2023) Nutrient treatment of greywater in green wall systems: A critical review of removal mechanisms, performance efficiencies and system design parameters.. Journal of Environmental Management 345(118917): 1-18.
  • Koviessen S., O'Sullivan AD., Gholami M., Vining M. and de Vries T. (2023) Physical and Chemical Parameters of Various Waste Materials for Living Roof Systems: A Critical Review. Ecological Engineering
  • Charters F., O'Sullivan AD. and Cochrane T. (2022) Influences of zinc loads in urban catchment runoff: roof type, land use type, climate and management strategies. Journal of Environmental Management
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