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02 January 2024

You can download a range of resources from UC's Biomathematics Research Centre. From software and algorithms to cited papers, see what's available for download.

Software and Algorithms
  • sim_tree (TAR, 190 KB) - Does Random Tree Puzzle produce Yule-Harding trees in the many-taxon limit? (Sha Zhu and Mike Steel, Mathematical Biosciences). This software is used to simulate tree topologies under the Yule process and the PDA process.


Index Of Patchiness for Stations

Algorithm by Dr. Jennifer Brown. Programming by Dietrich Radel

Windows executable version. (ZIP, 171 KB)
C source code in a .tar.gz file (TAR.GZ, 4 KB)
C source code in a .zip file (ZIP, 5 KB)

Contact Jennifer Brown, for help.

Algorithm for Trap Catch Index of Patchiness
Brown, J.A., McAuliffe, R.J. and Hickling, G.J. A new trap-catch index of patchiness in animal distribution. Submitted to Wildlife Research, 2nd revision April 2004.


The Annual New Zealand Phylogenetics Meeting

Download the most recent Phylogenetics Meeting photo collage (PDF, 1.62 MB) of snaps taken over the first 20 years of meetings.


Tuatara: Conservation priority in a phylogenetic context

Tuatara package for Mesquite - by Wayne P. Maddison & Arne Ø. Mooers.
Download the package from the website.


Cited Papers


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