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NZ’s workplace rules will change again with each new government – unless we do this

31 October 2023

Whether you’re an employee or an employer, change is likely over the next few years. Every change of government sees a policy turnaround in New Zealand’s workplace relations. The bigger question however is what drives these constant changes – and ultimately whether they benefit the country’s productivity?


This see-saw pattern looks set to continue with the axing of fair pay agreements and the return of 90-day trials that are already being speculated upon by commentators. Lawyers, businesses, and unions will soon be offering law-change updates, and workers and employers will begin amending day-to-day processes accordingly.

Governments assert a desire to “build productive employment relationships” that benefit workers, employers, and the economy. However, each has a different perspective on the best way to achieve this and there are multiple “political footballs” in play.


Read the full article, co-written by UC’s Associate Professor in Organisations and Leadership, Dr Bernard Walker, on The Conversation.

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