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Ensuring fire sprinklers withstand earthquakes

20 July 2020

Muhammad Rashid, a CNRE PhD student, is studying how building sprinklers can control fires caused by earthquakes


Muhammad Rashid is a 3rd year PhD student in the field of Earthquake Engineering. He completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering from his home country, Pakistan.

I was initially fascinated by New Zealand as a teenager watching cricket – the likes of Shane Bond and Daniel Vettori. Later on I became aware of New Zealand earthquake engineering excellence when I was working as a research assistant on a project”

At UC, Rashid’s research focuses on of Non-Structural or Non-Skeletal Elements. In particular, Rashid is studying the behaviour of fire sprinkler piping systems in New Zealand buildings during earthquakes. The aim for his research is  to ensure that the fire sprinkler piping systems remain functional and are capable of controlling fires caused by an earthquake, so that the occupants can safely evacuate.

He is also a member of the UC-SPONSE research group at UC, which is focussed on providing solutions to the New Zealand industry to improve the performance of partition walls, claddings, glazing, and piping systems during earthquakes.

“I am intent on continuing research and learning after my PhD, with the ultimate goal of spreading the knowledge to the less fortunate”

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