Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies

Kia ora; Fakalofa lahi atu; Halo olgeta; Malo e lelei; Ni sa bula; Salaam alaykum; Kaise; Aloha; Kia orana; Kam na mauri; Talofa lava; Kaselehlia; Yokwe; Nǐ hǎo yuèyǔ; Hafadai; Greetings.

The Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies (MBC) promotes and advances scholarship and understanding of the Pacific region, including Aotearoa New Zealand, its people, societies and cultures; histories; arts; politics; environment and resources; developments and future.

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Study options, information for Honours, Masters’ and PhD students.

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Current postgraduate students

See the current MBC postgraduate students and their research topics.

21 Day Pacific Challenge sends UC students to Niue

International connections

MBC works with prestigious organisations and people in the field of Pacific Studies.

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Visiting Scholars

The Macmillan Brown Research and Visiting Scholars programme attracts distinguished researchers studying the Pacific.

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Artists in Residence

Provides an opportunity for artists to develop their practice and supports the development of indigenous Pacific art.

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About MBC

See our mission statement, Strategic Action Plan and Macmillan Brown Centre Advisory Committee.

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