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Cycling tips

22 September 2023

Whether you're a seasoned cycler or just getting started, here are some helpful tips and resources. From getting a bike to being seen, check out our cycling tips.


Whether you're a seasoned cycler or just getting started see below for helpful tips and links to other great websites.


Getting a bike

If you haven’t already got a bike, your local bike shop is the best place to start. Trademe and Facebook Marketplace are a good place to find a second-hand bike. You could also try a second hand bike store called Around Again in Woolston (catch the Purple Line Bus to get to it!)

The UCSA offers a free Borrow-A-Bike scheme which allows you to take a bike out for the day. Simply show your staff/student ID at the UCSA reception. All bikes come with a lock and a helmet. 


Getting the rules right

Be familiar with the official New Zealand code for cyclists and check out Waka Kotahi's cycling website for more great information on cycling in NZ.


Be safe and seen

Be aware of your surroundings and ride in a predictable and confident manner. Always wear a helmet.

Wear brightly coloured clothing and use lights (ideally in flashing mode). This is especially important in the darker months.

Check out the Christchurch City Council's top cycling tips to get where you need to go safely. 


Plan ahead

Check out the city cycleway map to find the best route for you. Often the way you'll cycle is different to the way you would drive.

Learn how to use our cycleways

Hook turns are soon to become your new best friend! Check out the video below on how to use hook turns to navigate busy intersections. The Christchurch City Council has lots of videos on how to make the most of our city's great cyclway features.

Quick list of reasons why cycling beats driving
  • It's cheaper
  • Park where you want - for free!
  • It's faster within 5km of your destination
  • You get a wellbeing boost 
  • You're not limited by roads
  • It's enjoyable
  • Less road rage
  • Bike baskets or trailers make quick shops even faster
  • It’s better for the environment
  • You’re decreasing the amount of motorised traffic dominating community space
  • Less wear and tear on the roads
  • Increases safety for those already cycling by adding to the visibility of cyclists
  • Helps stop the demand for green space to be converted into car parks
  • Contributes to healthier communities by reducing the strain on public health services
Get connected
  • Spokes Canterbury: a local cycling advocacy group dedicated to include cycling as an everyday form of transport in local and regional planning.
  • Join the Cycling Action Network (CAN) - the national voice for people on bikes in Aotearoa.
  • Join the cycling related club UC Bike.
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