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Waiutuutu Community Garden

Te Ngaki o Waiutuutu

25 October 2023

Te Ngaki o Waiutuutu | Waiutuutu Community Garden was established in 2002 as an informal recreation and learning space for students, staff, and anyone else associated with the university. All interested people can come along and help out in the garden, learn new skills, and meet new people. Learn more about our Waiutuutu Community Garden and how to get involved.


Te Ngaki o Waiutuutu was originally named Okeover Community Garden, after the Okeover Stream. In 2018, Ngai Tahu gifted the name Te Ngaki o Waiutuutu (Waiutuutu Community Garden) in recognition of the stream's original name.All interested people can come along and help out in the garden, learn new skills and meet new people. The entrance to Waiutuutu Community Garden entrance is via the walking path from Engineering Road beside Waiutuutu/Okeover Stream. 


Growing Methods

Waiutuutu Community Garden utilises permaculture and organic growing methods. This means food production in the garden is becoming more sustainable – no pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used, and there is an emphasis on creating a self-supporting ecosystem and using natural processes. This produces healthier food and is better for the environment.

Cob oven information


Waiutuutu Community Garden has two outdoor pizza ovens! The ovens are fired up to make pizza for special occasions. If you would like to use the oven for a special event please contact the Sustainability Office. 


Pizza party at Waiutuutu
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