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Rose Clinics fees

21 September 2023

Our Rose Clinics assess and treat dysphagia, aphasia, and motor and speech difficulties. Find out about fees at our clinics.


Dysphagia Assessment and Treatment

ServicePrice (INCL.GST)
Clinical consultation/non-instrumental evaluation$200.00
Videofluroscopy Swallowing Study [VFSS]
(Instrumental swallowing assessment – Imaging)
Pharyngeal Manometry – High resolution
(Instrumental swallowing assessment)
Pharyngeal Manometry – low resolution
(instrumental swallowing assessment)
Fibroptic endoscopic Evaulation of Swallowing
(Instrumental swallowing assessment)
Joint instrumental assessment :
VFSS plus high resolution pharyngeal manometry
Joint instrumental assessment :
VFSS plus low resolution pharyngeal manometry
Swallowing treatment, single session (up to 5 sessions/week)$120.00
Swallowing treatment, intensive week (2 x 1hr/day)$1000.00/week
EMST Device$105.00
EMST Device (incl. freight)$115.00
Swalllowing treatment, as part of experimental study protocolNo charge

Southern Cross Medical Insurance will issue fee-for-service (FFS) approvals for Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Study (VFSS) undertaken at The UC Rose Centre Clinics. Please contact our administrator for details to ensure your procedure is covered.

Aphasia and Motor - speech Assessment and Treatment

Initial Clinical consultation$150.00
Aphasia Screen / Initial Aphasia Assessment$250.00

In-depth aphasia assessment for therapy planning
(this will occur over 2-3 sessions)

Motor-speech assessment
(conducted over 2 sessions)
Communication treatment, single session
(up to 3 sessions/week)
Communication treatment, single session
(up to 5 sessions/week)
Communication treatment, intensive week
(2 x 1hr/day)
Language Impairment and Functional Therapy (LIFT) programme –
8 week intensive programme including assessments

Language or motor-speech treatment,
as part of experimental study protocol

No charge
More information

The previous clinic fees are as at 1st July 2018.

If you are unable to meet the cost of services, please contact our clinical director to discuss your situation.



Lucy Greig

Clinical Director and Speech-language Therapist

Phone: +6433695125

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