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Social Futsal Competition

30 January 2024

UC Rec and Sport holds social futsal competitions on campus during term time. From rules to schedules, find out about playing futsal at UC.

Rec Centre Play Futsal
  • FIVE (5) players/ side (FOUR (4) court players and ONE (1) goalkeeper)
  • At least ONE (1) of each gender on the court at all times (teams unable to field a correct team will give a TWO (2) goal advantage)
  • A minimum of FOUR (4) players must start the game, the 5th player must be on court within 5min of game time
  • Teams must wear matching bibs (supplied by UC Sport)
  • Teams may register an unlimited number of players, only registered players are permitted to participate.


The Game


  • 12 minute halves, 2 minute half time (30 minute turn around time)
  • Running clock games
  • Teams must be ready before the start of their game.

Court size

  • Basketball sized court


Normal FIFA Futsal rules apply, except for the following alterations:

  • Substitutions - Unlimited rolling substitutions. Players must enter and exit the game from their own defensive half when no markings.
  • Draws - In the event of a draw there will be no extra time or penalty shootout unless the game is final.
  • Dangerous play as outlined below is prohibited:
    • Minimal shoulder use will be tolerated (no arms)
    • NO sliding or playing on the ground
    • No tackling from behind
    • Contact will be decided upon at the discretion of the referee


  • Tuesday afternoons 2-5pm
  • Breaks for University holidays
  • Draws and other information about the competition will be posted and on UC Sport Competitions Facebook Page, and emailed to Team managers.


UC RecCentre (online maps)

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