Homestay Host Wananga landing

Cathy Dalton

13 March 2024

Homestay Host


What made you decide to help host international students coming to UC in your home?

My mother used to host international students over 30 years ago. She always spoke fondly

of that time. She has kept in touch with many of them – even visiting them in Oman.

I felt it would be a wonderful opportunity for myself and teenage children to learn about

other cultures while giving the students a Kiwi family experience.

How long have you been a host?

I only started hosting this year. My first student was from Thailand. I currently have two students staying with us from China and India.

What’s it like when they first move in?

There is always a settling in period where ground rules are established and expectations are discussed. I enjoy helping the students settle in and hope I give them a taste of Kiwi life. My teenage children get to learn about other cultures while learning to share their space.

Is it difficult for everyone adjusting to living together?

Not really. The students seem to fit in really well. We always enjoy discussing the differences with our countries and cultures. It's what makes having them so enjoyable.

For example, all the students so far have been very appreciative of the meals I've cooked, they like to try everything. However, one of my current students doesn't eat beef, which has made me try new recipes which we are all enjoying.

So would you recommend other Kiwis consider being a host family?

I absolutely recommend it. It's a win-win situation for both student and host.

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