Ashitosh is currently studying a Masters of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. Wananga landing
Student story

Ashi Varne

13 March 2024

Ashitosh is currently studying a Masters of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.


Why did you choose to live in a homestay?

My parents consistently sought to ensure that I experience a sense of familial warmth, even when I was away from home. Consequently, when I travel, I opt for either a Paying Guest arrangement or a Homestay because it allows me to maintain that connection and affection, making it easier to be away from my family.

What do you enjoy about living in homestay accommodation?

As an Indian, food holds a special place in our hearts, and our host Cathy consistently prepares delicious dishes.

Equally noteworthy is the all-encompassing support and thoughtfulness she and her children extend, whether it's guiding me through local transportation, recommending the best food markets to explore, or inquiring about my comfort.

What activities do you and your host family do together?

So far, our routine has involved shared dinners, collaborative gardening, and assisting in the kitchen. We’ve also discussed the possibility of embarking on sightseeing adventures once our term exams conclude.

Do you have any advice for someone considering living in a homestay?

It’s a wonderful choice for students looking for a sense of comfort and the nurturing environment of a home. It helps provide connections and affection that stave off homesickness, and your host family is always there to help or support you. You really bond with your homestay family, which instils a sense of belonging and helps you adjust to a new country.

And residing with a local family offers a gateway to profound cultural immersion, letting you experience indigenous traditions and practices and enriching your experience overall.

Why did you choose to study at UC?

I always wanted to explore, learn, and discover a new world. I was fascinated with New Zealand from a young age, believing it to be the best country for education for many reasons.

New Zealand’s embrace of technology has led to a demand for mechanical engineers and a diverse economy with great opportunities in machining, design, and manufacturing. I chose the University of Canterbury to help me build my technical and research capacity.

What do you enjoy about studying here?

The Mechanical Engineering programme at UC is designed to provide students with a comprehensive and cutting-edge education. With a dedicated faculty comprising experts in various fields of mechanical engineering, you can expect to receive top-tier guidance and mentorship. The curriculum is structured to not only provide a solid foundation in fundamental principles but also to encourage innovation and creativity in problem-solving.

Where do you hope your degree studies will take you?

I know that the opportunity to study in New Zealand will greatly benefit me, and I aspire to secure qualitative practical and technical hands-on experience here. Combined with the knowledge my studies will provide, I am confident I will reach my goal of landing an excellent job in the design and manufacturing industry.

What do you enjoy doing in New Zealand when you are not studying?

In my free time, I enjoy gardening, cooking, and playing sports, as well as giving back to the community through volunteering or charity work. I also like travelling to explore new places, experience different cultures, and create lasting memories.

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