360° Panoramas and Videos

To view panoramas please select your hall of interest and room, left click the image and drag to navigate left, right, up or down.  Left click the "X" to collapse the menu.

Tupuānuku Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of our brand new facility - there are two "Starting Points" or you can view by room on either the "Ground Floor" or a "Residential Level".  You can move from room to room by following the white or blue circle with your cursor.  The blue indicates a transition to the next room.

Halls of Residence Videos

Arcady Hall Video

College House Video

Hayashi and Sonoda Second Year Plus Video

Ilam Student Accommodation First Year Video

Ilam Student Accommodation Second Year Plus Video

Kirkwood Avenue Hall Video

Rochester & Rutherford Hall Video

Tupuānuku Video

University Hall Video

2023 Accommodation Move-in