ASCE citation style guide

ASCE citation style (ASCE 2010) uses a variation of the Author-date style. To cite sources in the text, use the author-date method; list the last names of the authors, then the year. The formats are as follows: one author—(Smith 2004); two authors—(Smith and Jones 2004); three or more authors—(Smith et al. 2004).

Prepare a reference section listing all references alphabetically by last name of the first author. In this section you should list all the authors. For anonymous reports and standards, alphabetize by the issuing institution. Double-space the reference section.

Below are samples of properly formatted and complete references:


King, S., and Delatte, N. J. (2004). "Collapse of 2000 Commonwealth Avenue: Punching shear case study." J. Perf. Constr. Facil., 18(1), 54-61.

Double-check the year, journal title, volume and issue numbers, and page numbers. ASCE reference information can be verified using the ASCE Database.

Conference proceedings

Fwa, T. F., Liu, S. B., Teng, K. J. (2004). "Airport pavement condition rating and maintenance-needs assessment using fuzzy logic." Proc., Airport Pavements: Challenges and New Technologies, ASCE, Va., 29-38.

Include the sponsor of the conference or publisher of the proceedings, and that entity's location­—city and state or city and country.

Books and reports

Feld, J., and Carper, K. (1997). Construction failure, 2nd Ed., Wiley, New York.

Book references must include author, book title, publisher, and the publisher's location. If a specific chapter is being used, list the chapter title and inclusive page numbers.­ For reports, include the full institution name (not just the acronym) and its location.

Unpublished Material

Unpublished material is not included in the references. It may be cited in the text in the following forms: (John Smith, personal communication, May 16, 1999) or (Jones et al., unpublished manuscript, 2002). As an exception to the rule, articles that are accepted for publication may be included in the references as follows: Gibson, W. (2003). "Cyberspace: The postmodern frontier." J. Comp. in Fiction, in press.

Web Pages and online material

Burka, L. P. (2002). "A hypertext history of multiuser dimensions." MUD history, (Dec. 5, 2003).

Include an author if possible, a copyright date, a title, the Web address, and the date the material was accessed or downloaded (in parentheses at the end).


Liggett, J. A., and Caughey, D. A. (1998). "Fluid statics." Fluid mechanics (CD-ROM), ASCE, Reston, Va.

Include authors, copyright date, titles, medium, and producer/publisher and their location.

Other citation styles

Citations and referencing - online guides to the main styles used at the University of Canterbury.