School of Law people

School Leadership

Prof Neil Boister

Head of School
Meremere 316
Internal Phone: 92191

Prof Ursula Cheer

Dean of Law
Business and Law 303B
Internal Phone: 93799

Administrative Staff

Margaret Ricketts

Academic Manager
Business and Law 331
Internal Phone: 93662

Heather Couch

Business and Law 310
Internal Phone: 93635

Fiona Saunders

School Administrator
Business and Law 303
Internal Phone: 93634

Samantha Armitage

Outreach Coordinator
Meremere 220
Internal Phone: 95089

Student Advisor

Ariana Johansson

Student Advisor
Business and Law 302
Internal Phone: 93643

Academic Staff

Natalie Baird

Senior Lecturer
Co-Director of the LLM (ILAP)
Business and Law 419
Internal Phone: 93801

Dr Matthew Barber

Senior Lecturer
Director of Honours
Business and Law 314
Internal Phone: 93719

Jan Jakob Bornheim

Meremere 329a
Internal Phone: 90027

Dr Roisin Burke

Senior Lecturer
Business and Law 329A
Internal Phone: 93528

Associate Professor John Caldwell

Business and Law 322
Internal Phone: 93811

Toni Collins

Business and Law 308
Internal Phone: 94029

Simon Dorset

Senior Tutor
Assistant Dean (Students)
Business and Law 333
Internal Phone: 93760

Che Ekaratne

Business and Law 313
Internal Phone: 93733

Olivia Erdelyi

Internal Phone: 90023

Dr Shea Esterling

Business and Law 415
Internal Phone: 94128

Alistair Hodson

Meremere 517
Internal Phone: 93703

Henry Holderness

Senior Lecturer
Business and Law 330
Internal Phone: 93929

John Hopkins

Business and Law 332
Internal Phone: 93737

Professor Philip Joseph

Business and Law 317
Internal Phone: 93759

Elizabeth Macpherson

Business and Law 312
Internal Phone: 95459

Associate Professor Andrew Maples

Associate Professor
Meremere 503
Internal Phone: 93974

Annick Masselot

Director of Postgraduate PhD and LLM (Thesis)
Business and Law 417
Internal Phone: 93814

Professor Elisabeth McDonald

Business and Law 413
Internal Phone: 94550

Sascha Mueller

Senior Lecturer
Business and Law 306
Internal Phone: 93763

Professor Robin Palmer

Business and Law 320
Internal Phone: 93812

Doctor Rhonda Powell

Business and Law 421
Internal Phone: 93954

Dr Christian Riffel

Senior Lecturer
Business and Law 319
Internal Phone: 93473

Mr David Round

Business and Law 311
Internal Phone: 93741

Prof Adrian Sawyer

Meremere 502
Internal Phone: 93815

Prof Karen Scott

Meremere 305
Internal Phone: 93766

Professor Lynne Taylor

Business and Law 304
Internal Phone: 93788

Prof Stephen Todd

Business and Law 318
Internal Phone: 93863

Elizabeth Toomey

Business and Law 307
Internal Phone: 93957

Associate Professor Debra Wilson

Associate Professor
Business and Law 315
Internal Phone: 93953

Affiliated Staff

James Rapley

Meremere 517
Internal Phone: 95326

Tina Yee

Meremere 326
Internal Phone: 94780

Adjunct Staff

Nigel Gravells

Professor of Law at the University of Nottingham

Angela Woodward

National Implementation Measures Programme Verification Research, London

Programme Directors

Contact our programme directors for information and advice about our postgraduate programmes.