Sharee McNab

Research EngineerSharee McNab

Link, room 208
Internal Phone: 95872


Research Interests

Modelling and analysis of the incorporation of increasing amounts of renewable electricity, particularly the impact of increasing distributed generation on congestion. Power system modelling and analysis using signal processing techniques. Experience in preparation of patent applications and consideration of other IP categories for commercialisation. Previous research in the nanotechnology field including electromagnetic simulation and device operation are readily transferrable to the power systems and power electronics field.

Recent Publications

  • McNab S. (2019) Load Shifting Extension to the EECA Solar Calculator. University of Canterbury, Christchurch: GREEN Grid Conference 2019, 29 Nov 2019.
  • McNab SJ. (2018) Management of Distributed Generation Using DGHost in NZ. Sydney Australia: Energy Networks 2018, 5-7 Jun 2018.
  • Brown D., McNab SJ. and Miller AJV. (2017) Effects of time-scale on householder PV economic analyses: Over-estimation of self-consumption. Wellington, New Zealand: Electricity Engineers' Association Conference (EEA2017), 21-23 Jun 2017.
  • Lemon S., Miller AJV., McNab SJ. and Crownshaw T. (Ed.) (2017) DGHost(TM) Service. .
  • McNab SJ., Lemon S., Crownshaw T., Strahan R., Le Quellec I. and Miller A. (2017) Using DGHostTM To Determine the Hosting Capacities of Low Voltage Networks. Wellington: GREEN Grid Conference 15th February 2017, 15 Feb 2017.