UC Student Agreement

Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha | University of Canterbury (UC) enters into a contractual relationship with you when you accept enrolment for a programme of study and sign the UC Student Agreement.  This agreement (which includes the statutes, regulations, rules and policies of UC), governs the relationship between you and UC while you are enrolled in that programme of study.

Core Terms & Conditions

The UC Student Code of Conduct outlines the behaviours expected of students enrolled at UC and what you can expect from UC.

The Academic Integrity Guidance for Staff and Students provides principles to ensure academic excellence within a framework of trust, fairness mutual respect and shared responsibility. A breach of the code of conduct is a breach of your agreement with UC and may result in penalties imposed by the UC Proctor or Discipline Committee.  These penalties may include fines, academic penalties, and limits on academic progression or in the worst cases expulsion from UC. 

UC may require that any written work submitted in connection with a programme of study be subject to plagiarism detection software and systems and you agree to a copy of your written work being held and stored in the plagiarism detection database and used by the system’s provider for plagiarism detection purposes.

You will use your reasonable endeavours to fulfil the requirements specified by UC for your programme of study and ensure you check your UC student email account regularly, at least once per week, for the duration of your programme of study.

If UC is concerned about your engagement, progress, or believes your safety or the safety of others in in jeopardy, UC may contact your emergency contact person, the Police, or other relevant person or agency.

You are expected to comply with all laws of New Zealand, all Christchurch city by-laws, UC statutes and UC policies.

If you do not, or cannot, comply with the terms of this agreement, UC may cancel this Agreement and terminate your enrolment, but without prejudice to the UC’s rights under the statutes, regulations, rules and policies of UC.  The disciplinary procedures are available in the regulations.

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, shall be resolved through the Appeals Process.

This Agreement is subject to and governed by the laws of New Zealand.  To the maximum extent permissible by law, UC is not liable to you for any loss, damage or cost of any kind that you may suffer or incur as a result of your enrolment, study or activities at UC but if at any time UC is liable to you under the Agreement, you agree that to the maximum extent permitted by law:

  • UC’s liability to you is limited to the amount of tuition fees, general fees and any other charges on your fees account that you have paid for the enrolment period in which the liability arises;
  • UC is not liable to you for any indirect or consequential losses (including loss of opportunity, loss of future earnings or loss of reputation); and
  • UC is not liable to you for any losses, costs or damages that you suffer or incur as a result of a breach of this Agreement by UC where that breach has been caused by circumstances beyond the UC’s reasonable control.
  • Provisions in this Agreement shall continue to apply after your enrolment has come to an end. These include payment of fees, privacy, plagiarism, disputes and liability as well as any other provisions that by their nature are intended to continue to apply.

This agreement is effective and its terms are operative when you accept your Enrolment Agreement and continues until your programme of study ends or the Agreement is cancelled. Upon each re-enrolment in courses for your programme of study, the Enrolment Agreement as at the date of re-enrolment will apply.


UC will collect, store, use and disclose personal information about you in the course, and for the purpose, of conducting its normal and proper business and for the purpose of marketing/public relations, fundraising and maintaining donor records in accordance with its Privacy Statements and the Privacy Act 2020.  You have the right to access and seek correction of personal information held about you and understand that if you withhold information or provide false or misleading information my enrolment may be terminated.

You should be aware that examination results and results for in-term assessment constitute personal information under the Privacy Act and you also have the right to request that your work be returned to you privately. Graduation information, including your name and award, will be made public information.

    • For domestic students, upon request, your graduation information may be provided to your secondary school for use in honours boards, school publications and for the purposes of improving teaching practice.
    • For international students, information concerning your academic progress or withdrawal, including grade and wellbeing information, may be provided to or shared with your agent, homestay host, sponsor or home university upon request under agreements that facilitate your enrolment into UC, for the purposes of providing you academic and pastoral support or for the provision of Study Abroad transfer of credit and evidence relating to compliance with conditions of entitlement to study in New Zealand.
    • If you have any questions about the privacy of your personal information, please contact UC's Privacy Officer, the Registrar.


You will confirm that:

You have checked the details of this agreement and accept enrolment in the listed qualification and papers and confirm they are correct.

You will complete the enrolment process by promptly paying or satisfying the fees and charges listed on the invoice. 

  • Unless your eligibility for Fees Free has been confirmed by the Tertiary Education Commission, you will be liable for University fees and levies.
  • If any amounts are not paid by the due date you acknowledge that UC has the right to cancel your enrolment. If UC does not cancel your enrolment you agree to pay all applicable late fees.  You also agree to reimburse UC for all third party legal and collection costs incurred by the recovery of overdue amounts.
  • Non-payment of fees, ceasing to attend or verbally advising a member of staff will not be accepted as notice of withdrawal. Information on withdrawals and refunds is available on the UC website.

By signing and accepting this agreement, you will declare that all the information submitted in the application form(s) and in attached documents are correct and complete, and that you will accept the terms of the Student Code of Conduct.  You will acknowledge that the submission of fraudulent, forged, or otherwise dishonest documentation in support of this application will automatically disqualify you from enrolment.  You understand that in such a case, UC reserves the right to inform all other New Zealand universities of this fact along with your name and date of birth, and that the Police and/or Immigration New Zealand may also be informed.  You will consent to the collection and use of your personal information as outlined above.