Mechatronics Research

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Mechatronics, Robotics & Control Laboratory

The Mechatronics, Robotics & Control Laboratory has developed some of the world’s most unique mechatronics and robotic systems including various mobile robots, advanced sensors and actuators, state-of-art control prototyping systems including dSpace, MatLab, and LabView. The Laboratory offers students the chance to work on challenging mechatronics research areas:

  • 3d manufacturing of bio-scaffolds
  • Bio-instrumentation and control, connecting control systems to human physiology
  • Autonomous Guided Vehicle for agricultural production automation
  • Unmanned Arial Vehicle for environmental monitoring
  • Climbing robots for industrial inspection
  • Unmanned Underwater Robot for oceanographic exploration and monitoring
  • Machine vision applications
  • Novel actuators, smart/active structure

Opportunities are available for mechatronics students to engage the research activities at difference levels: postgraduates, final year projects, summer employment, and international internships.


Research Projects


For information regarding research projects please contact Dr Chris Pretty , Dr Richard Clare, or A/Prof Michael Hayes.

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