Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics is the field behind the “Smart Products and Systems” that increasingly dominate many aspects of our lives. It sits at the intersection of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering and combines sensors, software, and motors to create innovative and amazing new devices.

These mechatronic systems can be found manipulating the smallest bits of matter, in spacecraft, as well as throughout your home and town. From smart phones and TVs to smart energy grids to smart cars and smart medical care and devices. They are everywhere you look, making life better, greener, healthier, more productive, and more interesting.

Our graduates are shaping the future in a wide range of creative roles all over the world. Where could Mechatronics Engineering take you? What cool new things will you develop as a Mechatronics Engineer?

We use RoboDK for simulation and offline programming of industrial robots

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