Aiman is from Johor Bahru in Malaysia. He is studying Chemical and Process Engineering at UC, having transferred from UniKL.

Chemical Engineering is my passion. It's so much more than just ‘chemistry’. You learn about everything from the overall process to business management. Plus it gives you so many options once you finish your degree.

Aiman had the choice of studying at a range of universities in Australia and New Zealand. He chose UC for its central campus and student support.

Everything at UC is closely located. It only takes me 10 minutes to walk to the campus from my home, and once you're here you don't have to go far to get from class to class. It's very convenient!

He says there’s a lot of support for students at UC, whether local or international.

There’s a Careers office where they teach you how to approach employers and help you make a pathway for life after uni. For academic support, there’s an Academic Skills Centre in the library. They teach you how to do research and cite articles correctly. It's been very useful. There’s also a Health Centre that’s free for all UC students. You’re very well taken care of here!

In his study breaks, Aiman has loved exploring Christchurch and the South Island.

I still remember the first trip I went on with my flatmates. It was so exciting! We went to Queenstown and Lake Tekapo. I loved the scenery and it was amazing to experience snow for the first time. Christchurch is lovely too because it’s not crowded. I really like it.

Aiman has had fun at UC by getting involved in student life on campus.

I’ve joined the Student Volunteer Army. I like going to their events because you can hang out with friends as well as give back to society. I’ve also joined the Canterbury Malaysian Students’ Association. It makes me feel closer to home. We have a big play every year called Malam Malaysia. I've done it twice, first as a dancer and now as a choreographer. It's a lot of fun and a good stress release.

Getting hands-on learning experience in his degree has been something that Aiman has relished.

I really like how they construct the classes at UC. First they teach you the theories and show you how to use the machines. Then in your later years you get a chance to apply your knowledge. For your final project you have to design a whole project from scratch. It's challenging but a great way to learn.

Aiman says there’s always help with study material if he needs it.

If you’re confused about anything in your lectures, you can just go to your professors for help. They help you connect the dots. They also record lectures at UC. It’s helpful because you can watch them later at home and catch up on anything you missed.

Aiman has two options when he finishes – to stay in Christchurch or to go back home. At this point, he wants to stay!

I’d like to settle down in Christchurch and find a job that fits with my degree. There are a lot more job opportunities here than back in Malaysia. Of course, going home is an option as well. Having a degree from UC means employers back home will have high expectations of me!

Beyond furthering his engineering know-how, Aiman says coming to UC has given him a new sense of independence.

Back in Malaysia I relied on my parents for everything. Here I've had to learn how to do things myself – how to discuss issues with my flatmates, how to pay the bills, how to make good meals. UC is a great place to study. They push you to learn, and you’re challenged to be your best in all areas of your life. I'm really happy I came!