Honour Roll 2017

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Institution and Research interest

Accountancy and Information Systems

Professor Christopher Napier Royal Holloway University of London, UK
Accounting Theory, Financial Reporting, Accounting History, Research Methods
Professor William Lee University of Sheffield, UK
Qualitative Research Methodology, Social Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Corporate Governance
Professor Russell Craig University of Portsmouth, UK
Financial Accounting, Business Ethics, Corporate Governance
Professor Sue Conger University of Dallas, USA
Management of I.T., Emerging Technologies, Business Process Management, I.T. Services Management, Knowledge Management, I.T. Governance

Aotahi: School of Maori and Indigenous Studies

No visitor for 2017  

Biological Sciences

Associate Professor James Moir University of York, UK
Professor Thomas Laue University of New Hampshire, USA
Biochemistry, Biolmolecular Interactions, Biophysics
Professor Stephen Hawkins University of Southampton, UK
Marine Ecology, Marine Conservation, Shellfisheries, Climate Change Effects

Chemical and Process Engineering

Professor Eakalak Khan North Dakota State University, USA
Environmental Engineering


Dr Milton Kiefel Griffith University, Australia
Glycoscience and Organic and Biological Chemistry of Carbohydrates
Professor Mark Turnbull Clark University, USA
Coordination Chemistry, X-Ray Diffraction, Magnetochemistry, Research as a Teaching Tool
Professor Chris Metcalfe Trent University, Canada 
Environmental distribution and toxic effects of organic contaminants
Professor Peter Weber Brown University, USA
Physical Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Molecular Reaction, Dynamics, Diffraction, Ultrafast Phenomena

Cinema Studies

Professor Daniel Bernardi San Francisco State University, USA
Representation and narration of cultural difference including race, gender and sexuality in film, television and popular culture

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Professor Benjamin Heydecker University College London, UK
Transport Studies
Professor Andre Filiatrault State Universty of New York at Buffalo, USA
Seismic Performance of Non-Structural Elements
Professor David Hill Oregon State University, USA
Maths, Hydraulics and Hydrology
Professor Kendra Sharp Oregon State University, USA
Humanitarian Engineering
Associate Professor Brady Cox University of Texas, USA 
Earthquake Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering
Professor Frank Lam University of British Columbia, Canada
Timber Engineering
Professor Jonathan Bray UC Berkeley, USA
Earthquake Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering
Professor Laurie McNeill Utah State University, USA
Drinking Water Treatment, Environmental Engineering


No visitor for 2017  

Communication Disorders

Emeritus Professor Brian Moore

University of Cambridge, UK 
The perception of sound; mechanisms of normal hearing and hearing impairments; relationship of auditory abilities to speech perception; design of signal processing hearing aids for sensorineural hearing loss
Professor Daniel Kempler Emerson College, USA
Neurological Communication Sciences and Disorders and Aphasia
Associate Professor Sarah Wallace Duquesne University, USA
Speech-Language Pathology with Expertise in Aphasia, TBI, Stroke, Dementia and Alternative and Augmentative Communication

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Professor Emeritus Paul Wagner University of Wisconsin, USA
Database Systems, Computer Security, Software Engineering, Computing Education, Social and Ethical Implications of Computing

Economics and Finance

Professor Anindya Banerjee University of Birmingham, UK
Time Series Econometrics Including Factor Models, Econometrics of Integrated Panel Data
Associate Professor Andy Puckett University of Tennessee, USA
Investment, Institutional Trading; Market Microstructure; Executive Compensation, Sell-side Analytics
Professor Louis Murray University College Dublin, Ireland
Mergers and Acquisitions, Stock Market Volatility

Professor James Alm

Tulane University, USA
Taxation; Fiscal Decentralisation; Public Finance in Developing Countries; Housing Finance; Local Government Finance; Microeconomic Theory; Behaviour Under Certainty
Emeritus Professor Ray Rees Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität München
Risk and Insurance, Taxation

Educational Studies & Leadership

No visitor for 2017  

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr Jeffrey Burl Michigan Technical University, USA
Image-based control systems for robots and aerospace vehicles, automotive control, adaptive control, robust multivariable control theory and applications of control and signal processing
Professor Michael Braasch Ohio University, USA
Signal Processing, Communications and Navigation


No visitor for 2017  


Professor Thom Erdle University of New Brunswick, Canada
Forest management planning, forest measurement, forest estate modelling
Professor Urban Nilsson Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, Sweden
Silviculture, Forest production, Forest regeneration
Dr Heiko Winter University of Freiburg, Germany
Wood Science - Analytical Fractionation of Lignocellulosic Biomass, Characterisation of the Chemical Lignocellulose Components, Valorization of Lignocellulosics for Material Utilisation

Gateway Antarctica

The Cryosphere and its interaction with earth's climate and oceans, glaciological processes and numerical modelling
Associate Professor Elizabeth Leane University of Tasmania, Australia
Textual Representations and Cultural History of the Antarctic Region


Dr Do-Seong Byun Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency
Ocean and coastal science (including hazards modelling)
Professor Petri Pellikka University of Helsinki, Finland
Geoinformatics, Environmental Sciences and Applied GIS and remote sensing
Professor Graeme Wynn University of British Columbia, Canada
New World societies
Dr Alan Dixon University of Worcester, UK
Environmental-developmental Relationships, Especially the Dynamics and Sustainability of Socio-ecological Systems, with a Particular Focus on Developing Countries

Geological Sciences

Dr Michael Heap University of Strasbourg, France
Rock Fluid and Physics/Mechanics and Hydrogeology
Dr Carina Fearnley University College London, UK
Disaster Risk Management with a Focus on Natural Hazards Warning Systems and Risk Communication
Professor John Walsh University College Dublin, Ireland
Structural Geology and Petroleum Geology

Health Sciences

Professor Kathleen Wermke University of Würzburg, Germany
Child Health and Wellbeing
Professor Ilsa Schwarz University of Tennessee, USA
Early Intervention, Deaf Education
Professor David Lavalee University of Stirling, UK
Sport Psychology - Athlete Transition


Professor Frank Steinicke University of Hamburg, Germany
Virtual Reality and 3D User Interaction
Professor Mark Claypool Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
Computer Science


Dr Philip Bremner University of Sussex, UK
Tort Law, Family Law, LGBTQ Rights


No visitor for 2017  

Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Professor Jayanth Jayaram University of South Carolina, USA
Supply Chain Management, New Produce Development, Logistics Strategy, Research Methods
Associate Professor Joy Beatty University of Michigan, USA
Diversity in Organisations, Diversity and Gender, chronic illness in the workplace, management education, boundary management
Professor Johan de Wet Bruwer University of South Australia, Australia
Marketing Management and Wine Tourism (Place Branding and/or Direct-to-Consumer Marketing)
Associate Professor Matthew McCarter University of Texas, USA
Managerial decision-making with a particular interest in social dilemmas and collaboration problems with organizing
Associate Professor Brent McFerran Simon Fraser University, Canada
Marketing, Business Ethics

Māori and Indigenous Studies

No Visitor for 2017  

Mathematics and Statistics

Assistant Professor Bianca Viray

University of Washington, USA
Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry
Professor Markus Stroppel University of Stuttgart, Germany
Topology, Geometry, Lie groups, Mathematics for engineering students
Professor Richard Law University of York, UK
Mathematical Modelling in Ecology, Size-structured Population Models, PDEs, Spatial Moment Dynamics, Individual-based Stochastic Models
Professor Glen Van Brummelen Quest University, Canada
History of Mathematics
Professor Alberto Roverato University of Bologna, Italy
Graphical Models, Bayesian Statistics, Genetic Algorithms

Mechanical Engineering

Dr Daniel Lewis Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Materials Science and Engineering
Dr Thomas Sattel Technische Universitat Ilmenau, Germany
Mechatronics, Actuators and Motors, Electromechanical Transducers, Dynamics and Vibrations, Electromagnetic systems
Professor Yuris Dzenis University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA
Advanced composites, nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing processes, structural and multifunctional materials
Dr Alec Groysman Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Corrosion, corrosion control, and corrosion monitoring in oil refining industry
Professor James Feng University of British Columbia, Canada
Fluid Dynamics, Biomedical Engineering, Mathematical Biology
Professor Jerzy Floryan The University of Western Ontario, Canada
Fluid mechanics, flow control, hydrodynamic stability, computational fluid mechanics

Media and Communication

Professor Ralph Schroeder University of Oxford, UK
Social Implications of the Internet


Sir Michael Leigh German Marshall Fund of the United States, USA
Former EU Director-General for Eastern Enlargement; EU foreign affairs, transatlantic policy


Professor Stephen Gardiner University of Washington, USA
Environmental Ethics, Political Philosophy, Ethical Theory
Professor Frederik Stjernfelt Aalborg University, Denmark
Semiotics, intellectual history, philosophy of science, the theiry of literature and political philosophy

Physics and Astronomy

Professor Richard de Grijs Peking University, China
Distance Scales, Star Clusters, Structure and Formation of Stars and Galaxies
Associate Professor G. Mackay Salley Wofford College, USA
Investigations involving the optical and electrical characterisation of impurity ions in wide band gap semiconductors and insulating materials
Dr Peter Jarvis University of Tasmania, Australia
Theoretical physics techniques, algebraic structures in mathematical physics and their applications
Professor Paul Groot Radboud University, the Netherlands
Astrophysics, Compact Binaries, Gravitational Waves, Observational Astrophysics, Astronomical Instrumentation

Political Science

No Visitor for 2017  


Professor Mary Fristad Ohio State University, USA
Child clinical psychology
Professor Thierry Devos San Diego State University, USA
Social Identity, Implicit and Explicit Social Cognition, Diversity, Ethnic and National Identity
Professor Jaime Olavarria University of Washington, USA
The organisation, function, normal and abnormal development, and plasticity of the visual systems in mammals
Professor Patrick Flood Dublin City University, Ireland
Organisational Behaviour, Leadership

Teacher Education

Professor Monica Axelsson Stockholm University, Sweden
Bilingualism, bilingual education, literacy
Dr Ian Thompson

University of Oxford, UK
Teacher Education and English Education