Honour Roll 2013

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy and Information Systems

Professor Ashley Burrowes Woodbury University, USA
Corporate accounting; corporate governance & accountability; internal controls & attest function
Professor Wynne W Chin University of Houston, USA
Structural equation modelling/PLS path modeling; technology acceptance; impact of IT; user satisfaction & service quality; social network analysis
Professor Alison Firth University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK 
Commercial law; intellectual property law & its interaction with other areas-contract, competition, civil & criminal procedure, conflict of laws, human rights
Professor Stephen Graw James Cook University, Australia 
Contract; commercial and corporate law
Associate Professor Simon James University of Exeter, UK 
Taxation; public finance; international financial management
Professor Sung Kim University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Information systems development

Biological Sciences

Associate Professor Ashley M Buckle Monash University, Australia
Biochemistry; bioinformatics; structural biology
Associate Professor Pierre-Michel Forget Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, France 
Seed dispersal; predation & seedling regeneration; animal-plant interactions- rodents, bats primates; effect of fragmentation on seed ecology, gene flow
Professor Thomas Laue University of New Hampshire, USA 
Biochemistry; biomolecular interactions; biophysics

Chemical & Process Engineering

Dr Alfred Center Cornell University, USA 
Plant design and process control of the refinery industry
Professor David Silverstein University of Kentucky, USA 
Process dynamics and control; modern teaching tools in engineering


Professor Leonard Lindoy University of Sydney, Australia
Supramolecular and macrocyclic chemistry; metal ion molecule recognition; bio-inorganic and bio-mimetic investigations
Professor Chris Orvig University of British Columbia, Canada 
Medical inorganic chemistry
Professor Andrew Phillips Yale University, USA
Chemical biology; new approaches to biologically active small molecules; transcription factors & non-coding RNAs in cancer biology
Dr Markus Rex Alfred Wegener Inst Polar/Marine Res, Germany 
Stratospheric chemistry and dynamics; stratospheric ozone layer; troposphere - stratosphere interaction
Dr Claire Vallance University of Oxford, UK
Chemical reaction dynamics; imaging mass spectrometry; cavity ringdown and supercontinuum light in cavity-enhanced spectroscopies
Professor Dominic Wright University of Cambridge, UK 
Inorganic chemistry

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Associate Professor Angela Bielefeldt University of Colorado, USA
Environmental engineering (drinking water treatment, bioremediation); engineering education
Dr Alex Copping University of Bath, UK
Construction management and fire engineering
Dr Peter Cumber Heriot-Watt University, UK
Industrial safety
Professor John Parkin London South Bank University, UK
Transport engineering and planning, engineering design
Associate Professor James Stone South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, USA
Environmental engineering (fate and transport of trace metals in the environment)

College of Engineering - Blue Fern

Dr Vera Novak Harvard Medical School, USA
Gerontology and cerebral blood flow (with particular reference to diabetics)

Communication Disorders

Professor Michelle Bourgeois The Ohio State University, USA
Aphasia; cognitive communication impairment associated with dementia
Professor Barbara Davis The University of Texas, USA
Speech acquisition and relationships of phonetic patterns observed in child speakers to phonological patterns in mature speakers
Professor Fan-Gang Zeng University of California Irvine, USA
Systems/modelling approaches to understand processing of sounds; design of prosthetics & training procedures for people with hearing & balance issues

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Associate Professor Dijiang Huang Arizona State University, USA
Computer and network security
Dr Jeff Johnson UI Wizards Inc, USA
Human-computer interaction
Dr Bruce McLaren Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Artificial intelligence in education
Professor Helena Szczerbicka Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany
Stochastic modelling of dynamic systems; discrete-event simulation; Petri nets

Economics and Finance

Professor Douglas W Allen Simon Fraser University, Canada
Property rights; institutional economics; law and economics; contracts
Associate Professor Joel Harper Oklahoma State University, USA
International financial management; corporate finance; research methods in finance & financial institutions; financial institutions; pension plan management
Professor Duncan James Fordham University NY, USA
Experimental methods in economics & finance; decision making under uncertainty; structure & operation of market institution elicitation
Professor Kenneth M Kletzer University California Santa Cruz, USA
International economics and macroeconomics
Professor Michael Lacour-Little California State University Fullerton, USA
Real estate finance & economics; valuation of mortgages & mortgage-backed securities; mortgage default; subprime lending & housing bubble
Professor Ruth Towse Bournemouth University, UK
Intellectual property rights; cultural economics; economics of copyright

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Mansour H Abdel-Rahman University of El Mansoura, Egypt 
Calculation of electromagnetic transients in power system networks and machines; power system analysis


Professor Thom Erdle University of New Brunswick, Canada
Forest management planning; forest measurement and modelling
Associate Professor Tom Gallagher Auburn University, USA
Forest harvesting, transportation and biomass utilisation
Dr Kurt Niquidet Canadian Forest Service, Canada
Forest economics

Gateway Antarctica

Professor Peter Convey British Antarctic Survey, NERC, UK
Polar ecosystem structure and function; management and conservation of Antarctic ecosystems


Professor Colin Ballantyne University of St Andrews, UK
Geomorphology, hydrology, glaciation, soil mechanics
Professor James Goff University of New South Wales, Australia
Natural hazards and bio-geosciences
Professor Ian HODGE University of Cambridge, UK
Institutions and policies for land and environmental management, primarily in developed countries
Professor Peter Newman Curtin University, Australia
Sustainability; urban development; renewable transport
Dr John P Wilson Spatial Sciences Institute, USCA, USA
Geographic information sciences; spatial analysis; environmental modelling

Geological Science

Professor Mary Comerio University of California, Berkeley, USA
Costs and benefits of seismic rehabilitation for existing buildings (particularly housing), post-disaster recovery and reconstruction and loss modelling
Professor Jerry Fairley University of Idaho, USA

Humanities and Creative Arts

Emeritus Dr John Bigelow
Philosophy Programme
Monash University, Australia
Epistemology and metaphysics; philosophy of language
Dr Alan Chalmers
Philosophy Programme
University of Sydney, Australia
History and philosophy of the physical sciences

Languages, Social & Political Sciences

Professor Anne Cutler
Linguistics Programme
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Netherlands

Professor Richard Kayne
Linguistics Programme

New York University, USA
Comparative syntax


Professor Mark Hanna Georgia Southern University, USA
Operations management; quality management; supply chain management

Mathematics and Statistics

Professor Elizabeth S Allman University of Alaska, USA
Techniques of phylogenetic tree construction, models of evolution, computational algebraic statistics, Galois theory
Professor Dr Martin Buhmann Justus-Liebig Universitat, Giessen, Germany 
Approximation theory; numerical analysis
Professor Sean Cleary City College of New York, USA
Geometric group theory; combinatorial group theory; computational group theory; algebraic combinatorics; applications to tree distances
Professor Peter Olsson Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden 
Direct and inverse problems for mechanical waves in solids and structures
Professor Carey Priebe John Hopkins University, USA 
Computational statistics; kernel & mixture models; statistical pattern recognition; image analysis & inference for hi-dimensional & graph data

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Norman E Dowling Virginia Polytech Institute & State University, USA 
Mechanical behaviour of materials
Associate Professor R Edwin Garcia Purdue University, USA 
Computational materials science; development of open-source computational tools & integration of computational tools into undergraduate teaching
Professor Phillip Joseph University of Southampton, UK 
Acoustics and vibration including active noise and vibration control
Professor Scott Post Bradley University, USA
Thermodynamics; fluid mechanics; heat transfer; instrumentation and measurements; numerical methods; aerodynamics; droplet coalition
Dr Digby SYMONS University of Cambridge, UK
Mechanical engineering design
Professor Dr.-Ing Dr h.c. Sándor Vajna University of Magdeburg, Germany 
Integrated product development/integrated design engineering; product modelling; autogenetic design theory; process & project management
Physics and Astronomy
Professor Robert Lambourne Open University, UK
Educational physics; skills development; outreach; cosmology
Professor Kei-ichi Maeda Waseda University, Japan
Cosmology and relativistic astrophysics
Professor William Baum University of California Davis, USA
Psychology, ethology and behavioural ecology; theoretical psychology
Professor Jack James Reykjavik, Iceland
Health psychology and behavioural pharmacology
Dr Amy MILTON University of Cambridge, UK
Behavioural neuroscience; neurochemical substrates of memory; contribution of maladaptive memories to neuropsychiatric disorders
Professor Donald G Stein Emory University School of Medicine, USA
Behavioural neuroscience and neurology; history of neuroscience; CNS plasticity & recovery of function after brain injury
Mr Joe Wallace University of Limerick, Ireland
Industrial relations; organisation restructuring
Professor Glenn Waller University of Sheffield, UK
Clinical psychology; eating disorders
Sciences and Physical Education
Professor Bill Evans University of West Florida, USA
Inclusive and special education; social, emotional and behavioural difficulties; on-line learning