Honour Roll 2011

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy & Information Systems

Professor Jeffrey Berryman University of Windsor, Canada 
Contract law specialising in remedies, equitable remedies, alternative dispute resolution
Professor Niels Bjørn-Andersen Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
IT strategy/planning, IT leadership/managing IS resources, use of IT in international trade, eBusiness/eCommerce, IT for collaborative innovation 
Professor Niamh Brennan University College Dublin, Ireland
Financial reporting; corporate governance; forensic accounting 
Dr Margaret McKerchar University of NSW, Australia
Tax compliance behaviour, research design, tax administration, environmental taxation, tax policy 

Biological Sciences

Associate Professor Matthew Perugini University of Melbourne, Australia 
Protein structure and function; enzymes of metabolism; analytical ultracentrifugation protein interactomes
Professor Robert Warner University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 
Behavioural ecology, the interaction of behaviour and life history, population ecology, particularly in coral reef fishes, marine conservation ecology

Chemical & Process Engineering

Mr Alfred Center Cornell University, USA 
Plant design and process control in the refinery industry
Professor Matthias Kind Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie, Germany 
Crystallization, precipitation, granulation, drying, heat and mass transfer, thermal separations


Professor Robert Grubbs California Institute of Technology, USA 
Organometallic chemistry with applications in the synthesis of organic compounds and polymers
Professor Anthony Hill Australian National University, Australia 
Synthetic challenges in co-ordination and organometallic chemistry
Associate Professor Jonathan White University of Melbourne, Australia 
Physical organic chemistry; x-ray crystallography

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Associate Professor Fabio Biondini Technical University of Milan, Italy
Computational methods for concrete structures; life-cycle reliability and optimization of structural systems; earthquake engineering
Professor Jonathan Fannin University of British Columbia, Canada 
Geosynthetics & soil reinforcement, landslides and debris flows, seepage erosion of earth dams
Professor Thian Yew Gan University of Alberta, Canada 
Water resources planning & management, advanced surface hydrology, mapping/modelling water quality & quantity, stochastic processes of hydrology
Professor Roberto Leon Georgia Institute of Technology, USA 
Behaviour and design of steel and composite structures under seismic actions
Professor Say Kee Ong Iowa State University, USA
Wastewater treatment; site remediation; pollutant transport; fate of contaminants, antibiotics, and estrogens

Communication Disorders

Associate Professor Kim S Schairer University of Wisconsin, James H.Quillen VAMC, USA
Combining physiological measures with behavioural measures to study shared underlying mechanisms in the auditory system
Professor Nancy Tye-Murray Washington University School of Medicine, USA
Audiology; cochlear implants; rehabilitation of persons with hearing loss; auditory speech processing
Professor A Lynn Williams East Tennessee State University, USA
Speech development in children; assessment and intervention for children with speech sound disorders

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Professor Franco Davoli University of Genoa, Italy
Telecommunications networks; multimedia communications; wireless networks; energy-efficient networking
Professor Gordon McCalla University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Artificial intelligence, social and ethical issues in computing, teaching first-year computing
Professor Paul J. Wagner University of Wisconsin, USA
Database systems; computer security; computing education; social and ethical implications of computing; OO software development
Economics and Finance
Professor Tim Cason Purdue University, USA
Behavioural economics, environmental economics, experimental economics, industrial organisation
Professor Richard SMITH University of Cambridge, UK
Econometric theory; estimation & inference in econometrics; hypothesis testing; model selection
Associate Professor Stratford Douglas West Virginia University, USA
Applied econometrics; energy economics
Professor Jack Cooney Texas Tech University, USA
Corporate finance; financial markets & institutions; financing emerging businesses; commercial bank management; credit institutions; maths of finance
Associate Professor Daniela Puzzello University of Illinois, USA
Economic theory; monetary theory; mathematical economics; general equilibrium

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Andrew Evans Aberystwyth University, UK
Semiconductors, particularly surfaces and interfaces; in-situ x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Dr Chris Mack University of Texas at Austin, USA
Semiconductor lithography; optical lithography
Professor Paulo Ribeiro Calvin College, USA
Power quality & electronics; energy storage, superconducting magnetic energy systems, energy conservation, sustainable energy systems

Engineering College(HIT Lab, Computer Science & Software Engineering)

Associate Professor Robert Lindeman Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
Human interaction in virtual environments

Fine Arts, Music and Theatre

Prof Richard Gough University of Wales, UK 
Theatre; performance studies; performance research


Dr Raffaele Spinelli CNR, Italy 
Forest engineering; biomass harvesting systems; mechanisation; Italian forest industry

Gateway Antarctica

Professor Julian DOWDESWELL University of Cambridge
Polar research, specifically glaciology and the geology of polar continental margins
Dr Julia Jabour University of Tasmania, Australia
Environmental management of Antarctica


Professor Paul C Adams University of Texas at Austin, USA
Geography of communication technology; representations of space & place; sociospatial implications of technological change; nationalism in public discourses
Dr Tony Hoare University of Bristol, UK
Global environmental change; changing land uses urban waterfronts & environmental aspects of outport & estuary dev; changing geography of higher education
Professor Ian McKendry University of British Columbia, Canada
Meteorology and climatology, air pollution, mesoscale meteorology, synoptic climatology, aerosol research
Professor Josef Strobl Universität Salzburg, Austria
Spatial analysis; digital terrain & surface modelling, spatial data infrastructure, space & renewable energy, eLearning and geoinformatics
Geological Science
Professor Thomas Gardner Trinity University, USA
Active tectonics; quaternary geology; hydrology; earth surface processes; environmental geology in Costa Rica, Australia and California
Associate Professor Noah Snyder Boston College, USA
River morphology and behaviour, sedimentation and response to climatic and tectonic drivers

Humanities and Creative Arts

Associate Professor Jeffrey Brian Downard Northern Arizona University, USA
Ethics; aesthetics & philosophy of law; philosophies of Immanuel Kant and C.S. Peirce
Professor Dugald Murdoch University of Stockholm, Sweden
History of philosophy; philosophy of science

Languages, Cultures & Linguistics

Dr Alexander ETKIND
European Lanuguages & Cultures Programme
University of Cambridge, UK
Russian literature, cultural history; memory studies
Dr Ghada Khattab
Linguistics Programme
University of Newcastle, UK
Monolingual and bilingual phonological acquisition; phonetics/phonology and sociolinguistics; foreign accent
Ms Laura Hoyano University of Oxford
Tort; medical law; human rights law; evidence

Literacies and Arts in Education

Dr Scott McLeod Iowa State University, USA
Educational leadership and ICT, including e-learning and teaching
Dr Nicole Coviello Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
International entrepreneurship; marketing; networks
Professor Roger Dunbar New York University, USA
Business strategy and policy; management and organisational analysis

Mathematics and Statistics

Emeritus Professor Victor J Katz University of District of Columbia, USA
History of mathematics and in its use in teaching
Dr Jonathan Pitchford University of York, UK 
Mathematical biology including population dynamics
Professor Warwick Tucker Uppsala University, Sweden
Computer-aided proofs in analysis and parameter estimation

Māori, Social and cultural Studies in Education

Prof Elizabeth Jones Manchester Metropolitan University, UK 
Practitioner-orientated research; action research; Poststructuralist theory

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Philip Doepker University of Dayton, USA 
Mechanical design; structural mechanics; engineering education; product development and education
Professor Norman Dowling Virginia Tech Institute & State University, USA 
Mechanical behaviour of materials
Professor William Hofmeister University of Tennessee Space Institute & Vanderbilt University, USA 
Materials and manufacturing

Physics and Astronomy

Professor Sudhakar Panda Harish-Chandra Research Institute, India 
String theory; cosmology; conformal field theory


Professor Rosemary Tannock University of Toronto, Canada
Child psychology and child development