Honour Roll 2005

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Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy, Finance & Information Systems

Emeritus Professor Frank Clarke University of Sydney, Australia
Financial accounting; international accounting standards; corporate distress
Associate Professor M Gordon Hunter University of Lethbridge, Canada
Project management; research methods, particularly use of repertory grid technique; information systems in small firms
Emeritus Professor Warren Pengilley University of Newcastle, Australia
Trade practices; consumer protection
Professor Stefano Zambon University of Ferrara, Italy
International accounting

Biological Sciences

Professor Terry Galloway University of Manitoba, Canada
Insect ecology; host-parasite interactions; aquatic entomology; agricultural entomology
Associate Professor Sue Grayston University of British Columbia, Canada
Microbial ecology; forest fertility
Associate Professor Kevin L Griffin Columbia University, USA
Environmental science; ecology; plant physiology; biogeochemistry; global change biology
Dr William F Laurance Smithsonian Institute, Republic of Panama
Terrestrial ecology; tropical forest ecology; habitat fragmentation; conservation biology
Professor Peter Lipton University of Wisconsin, USA
Cellular mechanisms of learning & memory; regulation of synaptic transmission by glycolysis; brain damage in stroke & heart attacks
Professor Olle Nerman Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Mathematics and mathematical statistics
Dr Jon Slate University of Sheffield, UK
Evolutionary and quantitative genetics

Chemical & Process Engineering

Professor Joseph S Devinny University of Southern California, USA
Microbiology & ecology for environmental engineers; chemistry, biology & quality control of natural waters; environmental chemistry
Dr William R Paterson University of Cambridge, UK
Chemical engineering; process modelling; flow in particle beds
Associate Professor Brent R Young University of Calgary, Canada
Process design; simulation modelling and control
Associate Professor Cor J Peters Delft Uni. of Technology, The Netherlands
High pressure phase equilibria; supercritical extraction; supercritical reactions; thermodynamics of complex phase equilibria


Professor Martin G Banwell Australian National University, Australia 
Organic chemistry
Professor John M Brown University of Oxford, UK
Physical chemistry, especially spectroscopy
Professor Robert H Grubbs Caltech, USA
Organometallic chemistry with applications to the synthesis of organic compounds and polymers; Nobel Prize Winner 2005
Professor Peter Tasker University of Edinburgh, UK
Industrial co-ordination chemistry

Civil Engineering

Mr Neil D Allan University of Bath, UK
Engineering management; innovation management & entrepreneurialism; team performance & leadership
Professor Allan E Konopka Purdue University, USA
Habitats (microbial manipulation for natural & engineered environments; ecology of microbes; metabolic engineering; applied microbial remediation)
Professor David Purser Building Research Establishment Ltd, UK
Human behaviour in fire; toxicology of combustion products; fire chemistry; natural disaster assessment re urban fires following volcanic eruptions

Classics and Linguistics

Professor Joan Bresnan Stanford University, USA
Professor Paul Kiparsky Stanford University, USA
Phonology; historical linguistics; morphology
Professor Alison Wray Cardiff University, UK
Phrasal lexicon; methodology

Communication Disorders

Professor Ruth Bentler University of Iowa, USA
Audiology; childhood hearing-impairment; hearing aid fitting; aural rehabilitation; classroom acoustics
Associate Professor Robert M Miller University of Washington, USA
Speech & language pathology; acquired communication disorders; dysphagia & related disorders; neurodegenerative disorders
Professor Carol Stoel-Gammon University of Washington, USA
Speech-language therapy; child phonology; linguistics

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Professor Hal Berghel University of Nevada at Las Vegas, USA
Cybermedia; internet forensics
Dr Jeremy Gibbons Oxford University, UK
Object technology including distributed objects & design patterns; functional programming; programming languages & methodology
Professor Dr Helena Szczerbicka University of Hannover, Germany
Computer simulation; stochastic modelling; artificial intelligence
Professor Allen B Tucker Bowdoin College, USA
Programming languages; natural language processing; computer science curriculum

Culture, Literature & Society

Professor Peter Hunt University of Cardiff, UK
Theory and history of children's literature; technical communication
Professor Nicholas Mirzoeff New York University, USA
Globalism & visual culture; global visual culture & Iraq war; American media; art history; American photography; diaspora & visual culture


Professor Richard J Arnott Boston College, USA
Public economics; urban economics; economics of uncertainty
Professor Brian R Copeland University of British Columbia, Canada
International trade theory and policy; environmental economics
Dr Richard Watt Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
Microeconomics; information economics; economics of risk and uncertainty

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Dr Rolf E Hanitsch Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Electric machines and drives; renewable energy technology
Professor Thomas H Myers West Virginia University, USA
Semiconductor materials growth; ferro-electric thin films; oxide deposition techniques
Professor Martin Tomlinson University of Plymouth, UK
Communication systems; modulation; coding and equalisation
Fine Arts
Professor Carol Mavor University of North Carolina, USA 
Art history; cultural studies; gender studies; history and theory of photography


Emeritus Professor Ian Ferguson University of Melbourne, Australia
Forest management; forest policy


Associate Professor Fes A De Scally Okanagen University College, Canada
Snow avalanche, debris flow & flash flood hazards; snow hydrology; physical & human environments of mountain regions
Professor Danny F Dorling University of Sheffield, UK
Geography of health; political geography
Dr Pamela Shurmer-Smith University of Portsmouth, UK
Cultural geography; qualitative methods; post-colonial geographies; India
Professor Allan T Williams University of Glamorgen, Wales, UK
Coastal processes (cliffs, dunes, platforms, beaches); coastal zone management; tourism; scenery assessment & quantification

Geological Science

Professor William J McGuire University College London, UK


Dr Alain D'Astous HEC Montreal, Canada
Consumer behaviour; personal selling; sponsorship
Professor Robert Doktor University of Hawaii, USA
International management; organisation behaviour

Mathematics and Statistics

Associate Professor Richard S Laugesen University of Illinois, USA
Professor Vincent Moulton University of East Anglia, UK
Professor Daniel Naiman John Hopkins University, USA
Statistical inference and computations; probability and geometry
Dr Burkard Polster Monash University, Australia
Professor J A DominicWelsh Oxford University, UK

Mechanical Engineering

Dr Steen Andreassen Aalborg University, Denmark
Biomedical engineering; medical informatics; physiological modelling
Professor Ken Brodlie University of Leeds, UK
Visualization systems and algorithms; virtual environments
Professor P John Clarkson University of Cambridge, UK
Process improvement; design evaluation; inclusive design
Dr Russell H Jones Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Environmental effects on the crack growth of materials

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Professor John Broome University of Oxford, UK
Normativity and reasoning; ethics
Professor Moira J Gatens University of Sydney, Australia
Normativity and reasoning; ethics
Professor R Jay Wallace University of California Berkeley, USA
Moral philosophy; philosophy of action; philosophical psychology; social & political philosophy

Physics and Astronomy

Professor Neil Ashcroft Cornell University, USA
Condensed matter physics; science policy
Dr Martin J Jarvis British Antarctic Survey, UK
Atmospheric remote sensing; atmospheric physics; atmospheric dynamics
Dr Peter D Jarvis University of Tasmania, Australia
Mathematical physics; theoretical physics
Professor Malcolm S Longair University of Cambridge, UK
Physics education; cosmology; gravitation; galaxy formation; high energy astrophysics
Dr Hans Zinnecker Astrophysikalisches Inst.Potsdam, Germany
Star formation; young stellar objects; extrasolar planets; infrared astronomy


Professor Jim Blascovich University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Social psychology; psychophysiology; immersive virtual environment technology
Associate Professor Kyle Cave University of Massachusetts, USA
Visual attention and perception
Professor Brenda Major University of California Santa Barbara, USA
Social psychology; coping with stress; stigma; social justice
Professor Raymond C Pitts Jr University of North Carolina-Wilminton, USA
Behavioural pharmacology; experimental analysis of behaviour; research methods
Professor Bruno E Will(deceased 2012) Université Louis Pasteur, France
Behavioural neuroscience