Honour Roll 2002

Visiting Canterbury Fellows names appear in bold. Visiting Oxford Fellows names appear in bold+italics. Visiting Cambridge Fellows names appear in BOLD+CAPS. Please click on the name of the visitor to make e-mail contact.

Name Institution and Research interest

Accountancy, Finance & Information Systems

Prof. Mahmoud A M Ezzamel Cardiff University, UK
Management accounting: accounting in public sector organisations
Professor M Adam Mahmood University of Texas, El Paso, USA
Computer information science

Chemical & Process Engineering

Professor John Bridgwater University of Cambridge, UK
Particle technology; non-Newtonian fluids (pastes), drying
Professor Peter Cummings University of Vanderbilt USA
Molecular modelling of fluids; perturbation theory; computer simulation; application of massive parallel computers to simulation
Professor John A Howell University of Bath, UK
Separation processes; water treatment; membrane processes; biochemical engineering; process biotechnology
Professor E Dendy Sloan Colorado School of Mines, USA
Gas hydrate research


Dr Paul T Anastas White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, USA
Green chemistry, science policy
Prof. Piergiorgio Casavecchia Universitá di Perugia, Italy
Physical chemistry; molecular dynamics
Professor Christopher J Easton Australian National University, Australia
Organic chemistry
Professor Jane Nelson Queens University, Northern Ireland
Physical inorganic chemistry of co-ordination complexes, concentrating on macrobicyclic ligands

Civil Engineering

Mr Andrew Dawson University of Nottingham, UK
Geotechnics and pavement engineering
Professor Rowland Richards, Jr State University of New York at Buffalo, USA
Engineering mechanics; seismic soil mechanics; advanced solid mechanics
Professor John P Turner University of Wyoming, USA
Environmental geotechnics; geotechnical engineering


Professor Dr Jan N Bremmer Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands
Greek, Roman, early Christian & contemporary religion; ancient social history; history of scholarship

Computer Science

Dr Vladan Devedzic University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Intelligent information systems; expert systems; software engineering; formal languages & automation.
Adjunkt Professor Jerzy Konorski Technical University of Gdansk, Poland
Computer communication networks; information theory; distributed systems
Professor Robert Spence Imperial College, London, UK
Information visualisation


Professor Jon M Conrad Cornell University, USA
Environmental and natural resource economics; Microeconomics
Professor Richard G Lipsey Simon Fraser University, Canada
Technical change and long term economic growth; technology policy; trade policy
Professor William Scarth McMaster University, Canada
Macroeconomics, macroeconomic policy

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Professor Kimmo Raatikainen University of Helsinki, Finland
Telecommunication networks; distributed systems; mobile computing 
Dr Richard J Schwartz Purdue University, USA
Electrical engineering; semiconductors; photovoltaics


Dr Joe J Landsberg Consultant, Australia
Physiological modelling of forest stands
Professor David B South Auburn University, USA
Artificial regeneration; nursery management
Professor Jerry Vanclay Southern Cross University, Australia
Growth and yield modelling
Professor Jiang Xiaomei Chinese Academy of Forestry, China
Wood quality; wood properties

Gateway Antarctica

Dr Klaus-John Dodds University of London, UK
Political geography and Antarctic studies


Dr Helen A Cleugh Pye Laboratory, CSIRO, Australia
Micrometeorology specialising in land-air exchanges of water, energy and momentum
Professor Paul J Cloke University of Bristol, UK
Human geography
Dr Peter B Mitchell Groundtruth Consulting, Australia
Environmental sciences emphasising soil genesis, geomorphology, archaeology, landscape change and restoration

Geological Sciences

Professor J Dykstra Eusden Bates College, USA
Tectonics and structural geology
Professor Dr Alan G Green Institute of Geophysics, Switzerland
Near-surface geophysics, especially high-resolution seismic reflection data & ground-penetrating radar acquisition and processing


Professor Geert E Booij Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands
General phonological and morphological theory; phonology & morphology of Dutch
Professor John R Rickford Stanford University, USA
Sociolinguistics; pidgin and Creole languages; African-American vernacular english; 'standard' vs 'non-standard' language varieties


Professor George S Day University of Pennsylvania, USA
Marketing strategy
Professor Douglas T Hall Boston University Sch.of Management, USA
Organisational behaviour; career management; leadership; strategic human resource development
Professor Hsiao-Fan Wang National Tsin Hua University, Taiwan, ROC
Fuzzy sets and their applications, mathematical programmes, MCDM
Professor Lawrence M Wein Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Stochastic models, queuing, production & operations management

Mathematics & Statistics

Professor John L Casti Technische Universität, Austria & Santa Fe Institute, USA
Mathematical systems theory; scientific exposition
Professor John E Dennis Jr Rice University, USA
Dr Jeremy Levesley University of Leicester, UK
Mathematics - specialist in numerical analysis and approximation theory
Professor Fred Richman Florida Atlantic University, USA
Infinite abelian group theory; constructive algebra
Assoc. Professor Noriaki Suzuki Nagoya University, Japan
Potential theory of partial differential operators
Dr Granville Tunnicliffe-Wilson Lancaster University, UK
Time series analysis; non parametric statistics

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Peter Hagedorn "Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany"
Mechanics, dynamics, robotics and control
Assoc. Professor Richard Fung City University of Hong Kong
Engineering Management
Professor Thomas A Furness University of Washington, USA
Virtual reality systems; human interface technology
Professor Anthony J Medland University of Bath, UK
Engineering design; design methodology and constraint-based designs
Associate Professor Peter Wild Queen's University, Canada
Design theory and methodologies; Innovative mechanical design

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Professor Julia Annas University of Arizona, USA
Ancient philosophy; moral philosophy
Professor Jonathan P Dancy University of Reading, UK
Moral philosophy; philosophy of mind and action; epistemology
Professor Peter Hilton (Joint) State University NY at Binghamton, USA
Mathematics, history, cryptanalysis and computing
Professor Jean Pedersen (Joint) Santa Clara University, USA
Mathematics; history; cryptanalysis and computing
Professor William G Lycan University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, USA
Philosophy of mind, language and linguistics; epistemology and metaphysics
Professor Anthony O'Hear University of Bradford, UK
Philosophy of science
Professor Alan Ryan New College, Oxford, UK
Political philosophy; philosophy of social science

Physics & Astronomy

Professor Martha S Hanner California Institute of Technology/JPL, USA
Solar system astronomy; comets; design of experiments on space-craft
Professor Laurence A Marschall Gettysburg College, USA
Observational studies of binary stars, very young stars & supernovae; Astronomy education (Project CLEA); Science populariser
Professor Andries Meijerink Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands
Luminescence of various materials that are candidates for new phosphors for displays and lighting

Plant & Microbial Sciences

Assoc. Professor Ian S Haworth University of Southern California, USA
Membrane transport processes; DNA interactions; protein structure etc
Professor David W Hopkins University of Stirling, UK
Decomposition, GM crops in nutrient cycling, forensic microbiology
Assoc. Professor Ülo Niinemets University of Tartu, Estonia
Plant ecology
Professor Robert W Ridge International Christian University, Japan
Cell biology; plant anatomy and physiology; plant-microbe interactions


Prof. W Thomas Boyce University of California, USA
Developmental psychopathology; developmental neuroscience; health psychology
Professor Keith Dobson University of Calgary, Canada
Clinical psychology
Prof. Raymond P Kesner University of Utah, USA
Theoretical and applied aspects of neurobiological basis of learning and memory in animals and humans

Speech & Language Therapy

Prof. Nicholas W Bankson James Madison University, USA
Articulation & phonology; professional standards in speech language therapy
Professor Ken M Bleile University of Northern Iowa, USA
Child language disorders; special interests in phonology, developmental disabilities & multicultural issues
Professor Richard D Lamm University of Denver, USA
Health policy and ethics
Professor Rhea Paul Southern Connecticut State University, USA
Language acquisition; language disorders in children


Professor Louis Du Pasquier "Basel Institute for Immunology, Switzerland"
Vertebrate immune syst.evolution; antibody diversity & somatic mutation; major histocompatibility complex; lymphocyte receptors; vertebrate cloning
Dr Bart Kempenaers "Max Planck Research Centre for Ornithology, Germany"
Animal behaviour; evolutionary biology
Professor Jan A Pechenik Tufts University, USA
Marine biology; biology of invertebrates, invertebrate larvae, polychaete and molluscan ecophysiology