Emma Catto

Studying towards a Master of Commerce
Green Training and Development within NZX Listed Organisations

Location: Karl Popper 220
Mobile: 0278143470
Country of origin: Australia, 20 years in New Zealand
Emma Catto

Currently, I am planning research looking into the adoption of green training and development (GT&D) within NZX listed organisations. The aim of the research is to contribute to a better understanding of the extent in which GT&D is adopted in regard to isomorphic influencing pressures, content, methods of delivery and perception of effectiveness of GT&D.


Primary Supervisor: Michaela Balzarova
Co-Supervisor: Russell Wordsworth

Working thesis title

Green Training and Development within NZX Listed Organisations

Personal Interests

Personally I am very interested in sustainability, particularly the motives which people have to incorporate sustainable practices within their lives. I am also a commissioned officer within the New Zealand Cadet Forces (NZCF) which has driven my passion for training and development particularly of soft skills.

Academic History

I have been studying at the University of Canterbury (UC) since 2016 and since then have completed my Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology and minoring in Media and Communications. I also competed my Bachelor of Commerce majoring in HRM and Management. Outside of UC I has also competed the New Zealand Certificate of Adult and Tertiary Teaching.

Professional History

I have worked in the events industry since 2015, specifically in culinary operations within a vast variety of event types. I have also done work with the NZCF through staffing leadership and aviation courses.