Economics and Finance

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Haere mai, nau mai. Welcome to the Department of Economics and Finance. We are a diverse department, comprising two subject areas and teaching into three undergraduate degrees. Economics and Finance are united in a single department with the two subjects retaining their distinct nature and value.

Economics and Finance combine well with most other subjects. Economics is a major in the BA, BCom, and BSc degrees, and Finance is a major in both the BCom and the BSc. Students in the BA can major or minor in Economics with a number of courses aimed at the interests of these students. We value diversity in our student body and strongly encourage students to take courses from across the University.

We are passionate about what our subjects have to offer and are passionate about our teaching programmes. The Department has a long and distinguished history as an active community of teachers, researchers and learners. We host the Condliffe Memorial Lecture and seminars on a range of topics throughout the academic year that attract students, academics, industry and the public.

Department staff

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Jedrzej Bialkowski

Head of Department Economics and Finance
Meremere 435

Andrea Menclova

Associate Professor
Associate Head of Department Economics and Finance
Meremere 427

Economics and Finance staff are located in

Meremere, Level 4

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