Why Arts at UC?

In the 21st century, Arts is the area where we develop the people and skills to grapple with the challenges and opportunities of a complex, globally connected and unpredictable world. Arts allows you to combine nearly 50 diverse and fascinating subjects ranked amongst the best in the world.

You’ll be taught by people who are passionate, research-active leaders in their field making an impact locally and on the world stage. We ready you to solve new and as yet unknown problems. We prepare you for the jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago; and the jobs that have yet to be created. With the country’s only Digital Arts and Professional & Community Engagement programmes, Arts at UC is uniquely placed to develop the connectors, creators and communicators for a changing world.

'UC Arts graduates know how to get things done. They learn to lead and how to mobilise to effect change. They have energy and enthusiasm.'
Assoc. Prof. Bronwyn Hayward