School of Language, Social and Political Sciences contacts

Head of School

Linda Jean Kenix

Head of School (Language, Social & Political Sciences)
Elsie Locke Building 601
Internal Phone: 95926

Michelle Harrison

Administrator (Media and Communication / Journalism)
Elsie Locke Building 619
Internal Phone: 90742

Lindsay de Heer

Administrator (Social Work)
Elsie Locke Building - 301
Internal Phone: 91470

Lea Kortman

Administrator (Political Science, International Relations and Diplomacy)
Political Science, International Relations and Diplomacy
Elsie Locke Building 616
Internal Phone: 94377

Jill Winfield

Administrator (Global, Cultural & Language Studies)
Logie 506
Internal Phone: 95213

Kirsty Sumner

Administrator (Linguistics & Human Services)
Elsie Locke 301
Internal Phone: 95797

Patricia Ydgren

School Administrator (Anthropology & Sociology)
Elsie Locke Building 303
Internal Phone: 94365