Linguistics and English Language contacts

Key contacts

Kevin Watson

Senior Lecturer
Linguistics Head of Department
Elsie Locke Building (English) 205
Internal Phone: 94601

Maria Hellstrom

Administrator (Linguistics, English Language, Media and Communications)
Elsie Locke 209
Internal Phone: 94163

Academic staff

Lynn Clark

Senior Lecturer
Elsie Locke Building (Modern Langua~ 204
Internal Phone: 95545

Jonathan Dunn

Elsie Locke Rm 206
Internal Phone: 90305

Jennifer Hay

Elsie Locke Building (English) 210
Internal Phone: 95518

Viktoria Papp

FX Academic - Teaching and Administration
Elsie Locke Building (English) 216
Internal Phone: 95566

Adjunct staff

Dr Susan Foster-Cohen

Adjunct Associate Professor
Room 211, Locke Building
Internal Phone: 8863

Elizabeth Gordon

Adjunct Associate Professor

Kon Kuiper

Adjunct Professor
Internal Phone: 6040

Heidi Quinn

Elsie Locke Building (English) 206
Internal Phone: 94370