Jennifer Hay

ProfessorJennifer Hay

Elsie Locke Building (English) 210
Internal Phone: 95518


Research Interests

Professor Jen Hay has primary research interests in New Zealand English, sociophonetics, laboratory phonology and morphology. She is Director of the New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour, and is involved in collaborative interdisciplinary projects with a number faculty in the institute.

Recent Publications

  • Coretta S., Casillas JV., Roessig S., Franke M., Ahn B., Al-Hoorie AH., Al-Tamimi J., Alotaibi NE., AlShakhori MK. and Altmiller RM. (2023) Multidimensional Signals and Analytic Flexibility: Estimating Degrees of Freedom in Human-Speech Analyses. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science 6(3)
  • King J., Panther F., Mattingley W., Hay J., Todd S. and Keegan P. (2023) Morphological segmentations of Non-Māori Speaking New Zealanders match proficient speakers. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition : 1-15.
  • Oh YM., Todd S., Beckner C., Hay J. and King J. (2023) Assessing the size of non-Maori-speakers' activeMaori lexicon. PLoS ONE 18(8 August)
  • Panther F., Mattingley W., Todd S., Hay J. and King J. (2023) Proto-Lexicon Size and Phonotactic Knowledge are Linked in Non-Māori Speaking New Zealand Adults. Laboratory Phonology 14(1)
  • Shaw JA., Foulkes P., Hay J., Evans BG., Docherty G., Mulak KE. and Best CT. (2023) Revealing perceptual structure through input variation: cross-accent categorization of vowels in five accents of English. Laboratory Phonology 14(1)