Deputy Vice-Chancellor | Tumu Tuarua
Professor Ian Wright

Ian Wright portrait image

Professor Ian Wright is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

The role of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor is a member of the Senior Leadership Team, chairs the Research Committee and deputises for the Vice-Chancellor in her absence. He helps build national and international linkages in fundamental and applied research and is responsible for:

  • Implementing the Research Operational Plan 2017.
  • Driving the strategic research direction and overall research performance of the university
  • Maintaining and advancing the University’s research profile and the development of research collaborations
  • Leading the University's PBRF strategy
  • Overseeing the solicitation and development of research funding
  • Implementing the University’s research policies
  • Helping shape the research priorities of the University
  • Promoting appropriate commercialisation  and licensing of University IP
  • Promoting innovation from research advances
  • Oversight of the University’s Research Institutes
  • Research Ethic Committees

He also has line management responsibility for the following Units: