Controlling Hazards

A hierarchy of controls should be followed in dealing with hazards.

Hierarchy of Controls

The process of identifying and managing hazards is ongoing and is never really finished. The way that hazards are controlled should always be regularly reviewed.

Developments in identifying hazards and risks, and in the technologies and methods for dealing hazards is often improving. We need to ask …”Is there now a better way for managing this hazard?” and “Can this hazard now be eliminated?”

This should be done regularly, at least once a year, and should be done collaboratively, involving all the people that need to be involved.

Recording How Hazards And Risks Are Controlled

At University of Canterbury the online Risk Management Safety System is used to record new hazards, and to keep a register of those hazards that cannot be eliminated in a Risk Register.

The University also has paper forms for hazard identification and control and for hazard risk assessment and management for one-off events  for multiple hazards that may be present for the duration of the event. These should be used only if using RMSS is not practical.

All Departments at University of Canterbury should have a Risk Register. Departments which manage the greatest hazards and the biggest risks will have the most comprehensive risk registers.

University of Canterbury offers regular training in risk management. If you require assistance with working through hazard identification or risk management contact your Department Safety Officer or the Health and Safety Team


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