Plans, policies and regulations

The activities of the university are aligned with its plans, policies and regulations. These activities are summarised in the Annual Report.


UC plans are governance documents that guide the University's planning and management.

UC plans align with the University's strategy. The Investment Plan reflects key themes from the government’s Tertiary Education Strategy. This guides the UC’s planning, which is reflected in the Statement of Strategic Intent and given effect in a range of University-wide plans:

Policies and statutes

UC polices and statutes outline the formal expectations of staff and students on specified University matters. Policies and statutes are approved by Council or a person or body with delegated authority from Council.

The UC Policy library contains all policies and procedures applied across the whole University.

Annual Reports

The details of UC's activities can be found in our current annual report. Previous annual reports, charters, profiles and other documents can be found on the Archive documents page.


Admissions, enrolment, course and other UC regulations can be found on the Regulations page.