Analytics for Course Engagement (ACE)

What is ACE?

Analytics for Course Engagement (ACE) is a platform that provides students and staff with an enhanced real-time view of online engagement with learning systems. ACE sits within LEARN and uses machine learning, drawing data from student engagement online with course materials, and Echo360. All students in undergraduate courses will have access to a personalised ACE Dashboard for each of their courses, helping them to better understand whether they’re on track to succeed in their studies.

ACE uses a comparative measure, showing students how their engagement is tracking compared to their classmates. Students can view their ACE Dashboard on the  LEARN website.

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Latest in ACE:

  • ACE wins the 2021 CAUDIT award for Improving Student Success. 08/2021
  • Phase 2 developments for ACE begins with UC's development partner, Catalyst. 07/2021


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