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Mengping Cheng

20 July 2023

It's good to start building our careers early, have a clear career development plan.


Studying towards a PhD in Education

"I got to know UC Careers in my first year of study. As a person who likes to make plans, I started to think about my future goals after graduation very early on.

Being an international student, I did not know where and how I could develop my New Zealand career.

Fortunately, UC Career is like a lighthouse and has been there to guide me to find an ideal job.

I attended some seminars and had a one-on-one with a career consultant. Through this, I got to know more about how to prepare myself to enter the New Zealand job market. The team is fantastic and are incredibly supportive.

I really enjoyed the LinkedIn seminars too and have been using the tips to build my LinkedIn profile. The CV and cover letter samples have been useful as well. These resources have helped me to find a better way to present myself to employers.

I recently approached the team for advice on my pitch presentation to a potential employer. Despite the short notice, Robyn and Sahar found time for me in the midst of their busy schedule.

They gave me lots of useful feedback on my presentation and helped me to build confidence. I really appreciate their support. My presentation would not have gone so well without their help.

I would like to recommend all international students attend seminars and book one-on-one career consultants at UC Careers, no matter whether we plan to work in New Zealand or overseas.

It's always good to start building our careers early, have a clear career development plan, and get some work experience before graduation.

I know it would be quite challenging for international students to find an ideal job in New Zealand, but I also know UC Careers can help us to shine."

UC Careers

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