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Jacob Anderson

24 July 2023

BCom 2019


Owner of Your Table and Scotch Wine Bar

What was it like taking on two businesses (founding Your Table and purchasing Scotch Wine Bar) in the midst of a pandemic? A pretty wild time to kick off new hospo adventures!

Launching and owning my own business has always been a part of my long-term plan. With the arrival of Covid, my ideas were brought significantly forward. For many people, their path changed drastically in a matter of weeks and that was the case for me. I had flights booked, a visa approved and a job lined up in London two weeks after the first lockdown began.

The business concept of Your Table was an idea born in the middle of lockdown. I had always thrived off the service aspect of food and thoroughly enjoyed cooking myself. With time to spare, I arranged a 7-course birthday dinner within my bubble, focusing on all the little details; this was the first concept of Your Table. The remainder of lockdown was used to plan the feasibility of the idea and prepare to launch when it was possible to do so. With low initial investment, it seemed like a no brainer to jump in the deep end.

The purchase of Scotch Wine Bar came about after the realisation that the pandemic was here for a while and I wanted to grow locally in the hospitality scene. The business was on the market a couple of years prior and gained my attention then. After a couple of months of planning and decision making with the previous owner, I made the leap and purchased my first venue in October 2020.

Purchasing this restaurant in the midst of a global pandemic has made for an intense immersion in the business world but one I wouldn’t change if I did it all again.

With Scotch being Hatted, what does it mean to you to have continued its success and awarded Best Wine Experience with the most recent Cuisine Good Food Awards?

It is humbling to have received our most recent awards. Our team have worked tirelessly throughout these changing times and challenges in our industry with Covid. To have the work we are doing recognised means a lot to us all, and I am very fortunate to have such a talented team surrounding me. The hospitality industry has been a rollercoaster with Covid, and receiving the awards was reassuring that we are performing at a high level with goals to continue improving in the future – bring on 2023!

How has your BCom from UC assisted in your career and entrepreneurship so far?

My major in Strategy & Entrepreneurship at UC seemed like the right fit at the time, even though I wasn’t certain on the path I would take coming out the other side. I have drawn on the fundamental knowledge from the theory aspect of the degree frequently throughout both businesses. The extracurricular aspects of the degree have been extremely useful as well – for example, the ECON228 Study Tour to South America. The opportunities provided through the club scene like Entre have been equally beneficial. 

What is your favourite meal to cook, and what always piques your interest when you are ordering food?

Anything sweet – it’s often the memorable way that a dining experience ends. When I’m ordering food, I like to go for the fresh seafood. It can be delicate to deal with and I find it interesting to see unique approaches.  

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