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Hannah Duder

24 July 2023

BCom / LLB 2015


Founder, Indigo & Iris and Programme Manager, The Christchurch Foundation

Hannah Duder was the founder of Indigo & Iris, a beauty brand that gives a damn. Their aim is to create beautiful makeup products whilst donating 50% of their profits to impact projects. Their first product (levitate mascara), sent 50% of its profits to The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ to help cure avoidable blindness in the Pacific. Hannah was the driving force in a successful Kickstarter campaign helping to raise more than $125k to launch Indigo & Iris globally at New York Fashion Week.

While studying at UC she spent a lot of her time at the UC Centre of Entrepreneurship where she discovered her passion for social enterprise and not-for-profits. She founded and managed a national campaign and developed an app to help increase the youth voter turnout in the NZ 2014 General election. The Virgin Voter Collective was a nationwide effort to get young people voting, using tools such as the Candidate App that Hannah created, which allowed users an interactive way to be matched with the Political Party that best suited their values.

Now a committed social entrepreneur, Hannah is passionate about doing good and aims to persuade others to follow suit.

“As social enterprises, we can't take big corporates over. But what we can do is show them that there’s success and profit in doing good for the world.”

In 2022, Hannah sold Indigo & Iris to follow her passion for making a positive impact on our world. She took up the role of Kaitiakitanga Programme Manager at The Christchurch Foundation where she is developing the Stronger Greener Christchurch project. The programme aims to make Christchurch a better place to live through renewable energy and sustainability initiatives. The most recent project is the Tui Corridor which involves planting islands of Tūī vegetation in Christchurch twice a year to encourage Tui to be regular visitors to the city once again.

In her spare time, Hannah is also a NZ registered Marriage Celebrant and Master of Ceremonies.

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