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There are no horses in heaven

20 November 2023

Frankie McMillan


March 2015

RRP $25.00
102 pp, Paperback
200 x 125 mm
ISBN: 978-1-927145-67-8

There are no horses in heaven is a warm, delightful collection from poet Frankie McMillan, full of vivid phrasing, eerie moments, and a colourful cast of characters.

Readers will keep recalling and revisiting these poems: they tingle with the same sense of the ineffable, like certain chords in musical pieces. Gorgeous, haunting and beautifully strange, they seem to have a ripple effect. 

One poem causes another, they glint and glance off each other, depicting a world of real emotion and psychological mystery: how strange we are to ourselves and to each other, even when we have such depth of feeling for each other.

There are no horses in heaven

There are no horses in heaven has been designed and printed in a limited edition in collaboration with Ilam Press, Ilam School of Fine Arts. Original artwork for cover design by Lyttelton artist Nichola Shanley.

Frankie McMillan is a poet and short-story writer who lives in Christchurch. She is the author of The Bag Lady’s Picnic and other stories (Shoal Bay Press, 2001) and a poetry collection, Dressing for the Cannibals (Sudden Valley Press, 2009). She won first prize in the New Zealand Poetry Society International Poetry Competition 2009 for her poem ‘My father’s balance’, and in 2013 was the winner of the New Zealand National Flash Fiction Award. McMillan was awarded the Creative New Zealand Todd New Writers’ Bursary in 2005 and was co-recipient of the Ursula Bethell residency in creative writing at the University of Canterbury in 2014.

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